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  1. Is anyone else having issues with the VPS Hosting module for config options?
  2. Hi Guys, We have recently launched our new site since taking over some smaller web hosts. Please let us know what you think: https://www.ukbss.com/ Thanks, UKBSS.COM Team
  3. Thanks I believe we are up to date on this. Maybe its the optimisation we did that caused this to stay.
  4. Whats your URL? ill reach out privately. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi, Thanks alot, I will pass this on to our dev team and see what they can do for us. Much appreciated. If i can ever do anything in return let me know 🙂 Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi, Thanks, Yeh it is a down side of using WP/Eelementor. We would go html but with the amount of changes and blog posts we do its needed. We are currently working on this as the JS is a pain in the A** we are also using https://www.giftofspeed.com/ who we have found really help. Not endorsing and we dont get anything in return for mentioning https://www.giftofspeed.com/ we just find them really good. Thanks, UKBSS LTD
  7. Hi, Thanks, this was achieved by the DC's. We have rack space in well known DC's for reseller hosting and our premium packages such as business hosting and Cloud. Our own hardware though. We also have our own DC's where we host the rest of our infrastructure such as VPS and other hosting. Thanks, UKBSS Ltd
  8. Hi All, We have since updated our site at ukbss.com and also got a completey new portal that is nothing like the whmcs standard. We have also creates a help portal for hosting at help.ukbss.com so feel free to use it if you need quick answers about the most common hosting platforms.
  9. Please explain what this has to do with whmcs?
  10. @xlegends If you have a pending order then cancel that order whilst pending then they can reuse the promotion. If the order has already being accepted and they have the service active and then suspended then terminated or marked as complete then they cant use it again. I believe however that if you also cancel the order after their products have being terminated or completed then they can reuse it. I think this is correct. @brian! can you check this is correct as you have helped lots out. Thanks
  11. @GoogieHost Unfortunately i believe this is a thing with whmcs as we have had similar issues.
  12. @brian! i notice i could have written it better as i put order not service. Apologies
  13. No im afraid not. In my personal experience I would alway have it auto charge on the due date anyway. Is there any particular reason they dont want it to auto charge on the due date? Another option for those that don't want t to auto charge is to provide you teh card details and you add them directly into the gateway so the whmcs part is skipped.
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