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  1. Looking to integrate a simple chatbot for WHMCS to run some tasks. Respond here if interested with a couple of links to your repos or similar re: past code. Open to working with single developer or agency.
  2. I'd recommend being very careful about using StripeXS. Understand their latest version(s) now take a % of every transaction processed instead of their original flat fee.
  3. Manual orders, transfers and other random items I imagine -- at once a day syncing it'd take us ~one year to run a full sync if it were executing once every 24 hours (which it was). More often should resolve it. It'd be handy if enomsync only outputted changes & domains that aren't found, vs. outputting a list of ~50+ domains each email
  4. There we go, have ran the script ~95 times and finally have a relatively in sync database. If enomsync.php would use local database knowledge (sync items that lack an expiry date first) - instead of doing it haphazardly -- it'd likely take far less syncs
  5. We've had an installation of whmcs since mid-to-late '07 and have run into a bug of sorts. Whenever we attempt to create a knowledgebase article or category -- it gets generated in the database but nothing shows up in either the administration section or public facing knowledgebase. We've blown away the kb related tables and regenerated them using the related sql queries from the 5.2.x installer with no luck: same bug/issue exists, with no error output. This same issue existed in prior versions but we had little need to use the kb as we still rely on the kayako knowledgebase. Any thoughts, or has anyone seen this prior? MySQL 5.x, php 5.3.x
  6. That's probably a better question for WHMCS -- there's no legitimate reason that I can see for the dates to be out of sync. Nonetheless I'll set things to sync every four hours. Bandaids are fun
  7. We're using 5.2.3, though had this problem with earlier versions as well. It seems WHMCS uses the domain due date and generates invoices based on that date, however, given domain sync runs each night -- that changes. It seems that WHMCS is randomly generating invoices in duplicate for some of these domains that have their dates adjusted. Any thoughts? Has anyone seen this prior, and, is the only solution to disable domain sync?
  8. In the interim, here's where you can report cPanel/whmcs to the BBB for lack of response: https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started
  9. In the interim, here's where you can report cPanel/whmcs to the BBB for lack of response: https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started Upgrading a system from stable -> stable under a 'security release', imho, should not come with these sorts of issues. Inherently cpanel/whmcs doesn't have dev systems where they test things *either*. Don't blame the end-user for **************** code.
  10. Note: same issue exists in 5.2.3, no sense upgrading. Anyone have any luck resolving it? New clients cannot signup, and no one can update credit card details on our end -- luckily existing cards are still able to be processed. ~3 days without a response from WHMCS thusfar.
  11. Same issue here, no fix yet & it's been 72 hours without a response from WHMCS.
  12. My thought, color coded "invoice overdue" section or contribution. Large companies tend to have an awful lot of accounts receivable at any point in time, for example I've easily got 120 overdue invoices at the moment -- a large % of those accounts suspended as a result too though. My thought is the 'invoice overdue' section needs to color-code each line based on whether the related account or service is suspended or not. For example invoices that are overdue and the related service is suspended could appear red whereas unsuspended ones could be highlighted green to pick them out of the list. Just a thought.
  13. You're not the only one experiencing it -- and I've updated my templates. On the other hand mine has been ongoing for awhile. Seems to not function on default but does fine on portal. Blah.
  14. I've experienced similar issues -- attachments not working at all unless uploaded via the web form at all, so I'd 'second' this bug. Admittedly I'm on 3.4.x or so though.
  15. This certainly would be a nice feature -- synchronization that is. With all of the transfers and other going ons -- things get out of sync. really quickly.
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