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  1. We are having the same issue. I got this when trying to resend the welcome email.
  2. PSIgate support is terrible. I have asked several times for the cipher list so that my tech people can see what the situation is yet they either respond with something totally unrelated or ignore me. I am now using port 17934 which works, but this isn't the right solution. What happens when they shut down that work around port? I really wish there were some other companies that worked in Canada as PSIgate has proven time and time again that they don't care too much about us.
  3. Hi, Connecting to PSIGate's test service which only accepts TLS 1 works, connecting to the current live server fails. Maybe it only accepts SSLv3 and Curl 7.38 doesn't allow SSLv3? I'm still working on this and PSIGate's service is very slow. This is a huge concern for us as I'm sure once people upgrade CURL all transactions will fail.
  4. I'm bringing this back up - If you run a version of curl newer than 7.24.0, connecting to the live PSIGate environment will fail. You'll receive "Empty reply from server". For example, running curl 7.38.0, connecting to the test server works fine, connecting to live results in the above error. PSIgate is making some mandatory switch later this month to turn of SSLv3 and we need to get to the bottom of this ASAP. Please provide a fix.
  5. I am now getting this error: Error => 1052 Error Message => Empty reply from server We need a fix or to open source the plugin.
  6. So have any of these things been fixed or is everyone just running an insecure version while this has taken 3+ days?
  7. Looks like a spelling mistake in the function. Affects 5.1.8 as well.
  8. After updating to 5.1.8, visiting the view/search clients page causes an error. Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_escaoe_string() in /home/**/public_html/whmcs/admin/clients.php on line 0 I've seen several others have this same issue. - - - Updated - - - Looks like a spelling error in the function call. db_escape_string()
  9. You've only provided some generic statements here. Do you have examples? Also, this is not really WHMCS related, you should be working with their tech support with explicit examples of what is happening so that they can fix it.
  10. The major change is a mandatory 30 day renewal reminder for gTLDs will now come from ENOM. Previously, you could disable this and just send it from WHMCS. What will happen here is that WHMCS provides only a global setting for this and ccTLDs, which are not bound by ICANN's new requirement, won't get this 30 day reminder from WHMCS (since you'll want to turn it off to avoid duplicate emails). Hopefully WHMCS can update it's reminder template to be a little more customizable with sending notices. All these are new requirements for selling new TLDs, so all registrar's are implementing them.
  11. We have a transfer management module.
  12. Turns out the upgrade SQL script never ran!!! So I was running 5.1.5 on a 5.0.4 database...great work whmcs, great work. All fixed now...I hope.
  13. We upgraded from 5.0.4 to 5.1.5 today and noticed that admin area, under any clients product tab, the Products/Services is empty. The products still exist in the admin setup area, but that's it. Any idea? This is a huge issue from us and we are waiting for support to provide an answer, but I'm sure it'll be a few days.
  14. They told me to upgrade to 5.2.3 as well. I feel like these are remote techs who are just providing level 1 support. We need to get this escalated to Matt. Or it's their way of getting us to upgrade.
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