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  1. opt2bout

    Custom module question

    I have a custom module I created to manage Amazon S3 storage buckets as a provisioning module and during the development ran into a dilemma and wondered if I could get an answer. On one of the custom buttons for managing the provisioning module in the Admin area I need a custom php form to display and additional information and possibly accept additional inputs to change features within the provisioning process. Using the AdminServicesTabFields I can display and even write html form code to accept additional inputs, but I have a file upload script I want to launch within the Admin area via a custom button, but down't know how to get the function to display (even via an overlay, etc.) within the Admin area. Is there anything we can do within the Admin area to call an external function that allows for interaction in this area?
  2. Contact Steven @ GoHigherIS ... They have an integration product that initially integrated Joomla and WHMCS and their new Integrator V3 in beta supports Wordpress and other products. I've used this product for my Joomla site for the last two years now. I'm in the process of using the beta now and things are quite stable. J!whmcs is listed here on the 3rd party apps.
  3. opt2bout

    Will WHMCS Easily Integrate with WordPress?

    There is an integration product coming from Go Higher IS. I currently use the Joomla integration and have been for a couple of years now and the progress is fantastic. The new product, currently in Beta that will integrate with multiple products including WHMCS, WordPress, Joomla!, and Kayoko. The developer has plans to make it open to other applications. Again, the production product is for Joomla and WHMCS, but the new Integrator 3 product will work with Wordpress as well. GoHigherIS has their Joomla product listed here on WHMCS.
  4. opt2bout

    How to prevent cpanel password change.

    I too have several packages that are "software as a service" and need to limit the activity to accounting/billing within WHMCS. Is there any way to modify the cPanel package template to hide the user-id and password to the front-end and make it accessible to admins only on the back-end?
  5. opt2bout

    GoogleApps WHMCS Addon

    Google's suggestion is to add the following include to your SPF record: include:_spf.google.com _netblocks.google.com It appears to be generic enough to include in a template to modify the SPF record?? Also, does your module manage all of the possible MX records that Google documents and can this be changed manually by us? Thank you!
  6. Go to Account / Settings and go to Security Settings there is a basic fraud section and an option for "Card Code Verification"
  7. Just a heads up on Authorize.net and recurring payments processed by WHMCS. There are two situations that I've run into. 1. You need to make sure that you disable the security feature in Authorize.net that requires the CVV/CVC to match. When you do this, the very first payment processed through WHMCS through Authorize.net will require the code, but any payments for the same amount (see #2) will process without the code (which is NOT stored in WHMCS for PCI compliance). 2. (caveat) If the customer pays a different amount on the first payment than the recurring amount, Auth.net will require the CVV code again--thus any automatic recurring payments will fail with an error (Response Reason Text => Card Code is required.). This also happens, for example, if the customer processes a payment for more than one invoice the first time...example, a customer purchases more than one product, but only one product will have a recurring amount. The customer must come back and pay for the individual recurring invoice, providing the CVV code.
  8. opt2bout

    [NOT A BUG] Zero Dollar (0.00) Invoices

    For this exact scenario I put "0.00" in the First Payment Amount and then the recurring amount in the Recurring field. I also modify the invoice template to test for a zero dollar amount and adjust the text to reflect that there is no payment due on this invoice, etc. Just an idea.
  9. opt2bout

    Not Quite Understanding Billing and Invoice Options

    John, I am using Authorize.net, and since the 3-digit CVS code is not stored, monthly recurring invoices are billed, payment attempted, and then payment declined. The customer has to come back in and pay the invoice manually and enter their security code. I have disabled the Delete CC option in general/security settings, but still get declined. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  10. opt2bout

    how Integration WHMCS with joomla

    I add my vote to the j!Whmcs integrator. It is up to version 2 now. With this tool, you can focus on your web site's design within the Joomla framework and easily integrate that with whcms. That way if you change your Joomla template in the future, the j!whmcs adapts to those changes. Support has been excellent as well.
  11. opt2bout

    Sync WHMCS Expiry and Next Due dates..

    When the next due date is manually managed so you can group individual domains, hosting packages, etc. into a single invoice, does anyone know when the invoice is paid if the domains next due date gets updated correctly? I have this disabled, but have also had to disable automatic domain renewals because of manual payments and domains being renewed twice. But I do want the next due dates to be correctly updated to the next year when the invoice is paid--either via gateway, or manually.
  12. opt2bout

    Phone Numbers

    It would be nice to have that information near the other phone number field instead of custom fields, which places the input boxes at the end of the forms. Multiple phone numbers are pretty standard for any billing system nowadays.
  13. Matt, I'm a little confused on how to use the configurable options to allow the user to select the certificate type and number of years without creating a single product for each certificate type. Is there a way to configure it in this way, or is it best to create a separate product for each cert type, and then use the configurable option "Years" to manually enter the cost?
  14. opt2bout

    New Released Alternative Skin

    Its good news that he's okay. Again, I didn't know where he was physically located, but wasn't sure if he had friends and family that were affected. Thanks iLLuSi0ns for the update.
  15. opt2bout

    New Released Alternative Skin

    We had purchased a custom template from bbronnie. he was very responsive and helped with a few side projects to integrate some code to our site. Since the earthquake in China, I have not been able to reach him any longer. I know that his server (hostingskin.com) was located in Hong Kong, but I'm not sure of his exact geographic location. We had sent a few emails asking about his well-being and have not had any replies to date. If anyone knows him, can you at least let us know if he and/or his family are okay? Thanks

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