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  1. somecows

    When a domain is transferred out

    Thank you.
  2. somecows

    When a domain is transferred out

    Thanks for your reply. it would be nice if WHMCS were set up to cancel the invoice automatically, since obviously it should not be paid once the domain is transferred away. However, I will just go in and cancel it manually. So as far as you know, it won't continue to renew / generate invoices in the future? The client is concerned because when he logs in to his client area of WHMCS, it still says "auto renew" after the domain, even though it also says "Transferred Away". Thanks again
  3. hello, I have WHMCS set up with the Enom reseller program and a client recently transferred a domain away to another registration. The transfer was successful and in WHMCS the status now says "Transferred Away". I was assuming that the invoice that existed for the domain renewal would be automatically cancelled, but that does not appear to be the case. just wondering if this is expected behavior or not? thank you
  4. somecows

    Logo on Invoice PDFs

    Thank you for your response. It still looks quite pixelated, but much better. Does it matter what the resolution is? The thing I am confused by is the 75. If 75 is the width of the logo, why do you say to use an image that is 300x60? I had originally uploaded an image that was 75px wide, thinking that was the desired width - but that's obviously what was causing my problem. I guess it doesn't really matter, it's just confusing. And it would be nice if WHMCS would specify the required dimensions in their documentation. Do you have any idea if I can expect this logo to get overwritten whenever there is an WHMCS update? I SWEAR that has happened in the past, but perhaps I was doing something wrong. Thank you again.
  5. It has come to my attention that if a client tries to download a PDF version of an invoice, instead of my logo, it contains a generic and unprofessional "upload your logo here" message. I have taken care of this step many times over the years, but my logo always seems to get deleted and replaced with this message? At any rate, can someone help me do this properly? I uploaded a logo to /assets/img/ but when I view it on a downloaded PDF it is giant and pixelated. I just want something that looks neat and professional - I would rather avoid editing template files, etc., if possible. If someoen could just let me know the proper resolution and default dimensions that the file should be to display properly, that would be great. Thank you in advance.
  6. hi there, under general settings -> mail i used to use PHP Mail, but was having some messages to clients get rejected as spam, so wanted to try using SMTP instead. I entered all the relevant info for the email address i want to use which is mail@domain.com. i believe everything is working fine, in the sense that i am able to send test messages to clients and they get through, invoices get delivered, etc. however, i have discovered that this change had caused a problem in my support ticket system. for support tickets, i use the address support@domain.com. this is all set up in the support -> support departments section. it used to work fine, but since the change, when clients open support tickets, or when i reply to support tickets, the messages get sent to clients from mail@domain.com instead of from support@domain.com. this is not how i want it to work, but more importantly, it has broken the piping system, since messages are not being generated from the proper support department address. my email is hosted my gmail / google apps / gmail for your domain. i contacted whmcs support about this and they said it sounded like gmail was not allowing me to send messages from more than one address. however, i know i have these two addresses set up via gmail and i can able to login and send via both of them with no problem. wondering if anyone out there has experienced this. thank you
  7. hello, so i have a reseller account set up with enom and have it hooked up to whmcs and all that. it seems to be working ok in the sense that the domains in my enom account all are synced with my whmcs program and changes seem to go back and forth ok. ie changes to nameservers etc. however, i just tried to do my first domain registration via whmcs and im not sure if it worked. the checkout process went fine, and the domains are correctly associated with the proper client account within whmcs, but when i login to my enom account at the enom website i do not see the domains listed anywhere. does it take a while for them to appear or should it be instantaneous? i also noticed that although i specified certain nameservers during the checkout process, those nameservers are not showing when i look at the product details for the domains within whmcs. thanks
  8. somecows

    More Than One Domain or Addon Domains

    hi tonsofstores, i really appreciate your help but dont think i quite get it. i understand that i can create a client group and figure out what % discount i would need to apply to get the price down to 35. although it would probably be hard to get it to exactly 35 on the dot but i guess thats not important. but anyhow...so i do that, and then she drops one of the 5 domains. why will the next invoice still be 35 dollars? thank you!
  9. somecows

    More Than One Domain or Addon Domains

    well...normally i charge 9.95 for this particular web hosting account. this client said hey, i want to host 5 accounts with you, can i have a discount. shes a friend too. anyhow so i said sure, how about 5 accounts for 35 dollars per month, and she said fine. so i guess there are two ways to look at it - you could say its one product that includes 5 accounts, or you can say its 5 separate products that are specially priced. it doenst really matter that much, im just trying to figure out the best way to enter it into the system. so i guess i was just wondering if there is an *alternative* to setting up a new product which is the same as my 9.95 product, but charging 7 dollars for it instead. in a way i think its more accurate to say this is 1 product with 5 accounts as opposed to 5 products, becuaes if its 5 products, the client could cancel one and still get the 7 dollar per account rate on the remaining 4. when in fact the special rate is contingent on paying the full 35 for 5 accounts. but anyhow regardless of the philosophy behind it, just wondering what options are in this situation. i mean would it be better to create one product with one domain that costs 35 dollars and just have notes saying waht the otehr 4 domains are? that makes me nervous because if there is a domain/account on the server, i like it to be reflected in whmcs.
  10. somecows

    More Than One Domain or Addon Domains

    i guess what you are saying makes sense for addon domains. what about in the case of one product with multiple independent accounts. for a specific example, i have a sort of vip client and i just charge her 35/month for 5 totally separate hosting accounts. is there any good way to do this besides just creating a 7 dollar plan and assigning 5 of them to her? thanks!
  11. I have searched the forums and found rumblings of this question but no real answer. Is there *any* straightforward way to have more than one domain associated with a particular product? Like say I want to offer a hosting package where you get hosting for 2 domains for 20 dollars per month. Obviously I could just add two products to the client account at 10 dollars per month each, but thats not really correct. is there any other way to do it? Is there any way to say ok here is a 20 dollar product that includes two domains? Or what about addon domains? i would like to offer the option to do an addon domain for say, 5 dollar per month or whatever. what would be the best way to do this? i can set up a configurable option, but there is no where to put the domain name. what do people do in these situations? what is the most clear and straightforward way to manage it?
  12. vincent1, if you go to general settings and then to the invoices tab, there is an option that says "Enable PDF Invoices". i dont know for sure but i think this maybe is the setting you are looking for?
  13. That all makes sense, thanks. So rather than giving clients the payment options "credit card, paypal, etc" it might make sense to give them the options "get billed automatically, make manual payments, etc". if we are allowed to make suggestions for future versions of whmcs, i might suggest that this be worked into an option somehow. when clients sign up, i imagine they would like to explicitly choose whether they are charged automatically or not. for instance, when i pay my bills online i dont wind up getting automatically charged for future bills unless i "enroll" in some sort of automatic payment plan. at any rate...so just to clarify, even clients who get charged automatically, on a monthly basis, will get a monthly invoice generated, correct? does anyone out there have any experience with this, do clients find it annoying? it seems like it might be annoying to get an invoice every month that you dont really have to "pay", since it will get paid automatically? at the same time i cant disable invoices as a whole because obviously lots of clients will require them. thoughts? am i overthinking this?
  14. somecows

    Attempt Only Once vs Retry Every Week For

    hello, i read both those things, thank you. i guess i am missing something, but the way i am reading them they still seem to be in conflict. if attempt only once is checked, it means that a card will be billed only once and if it fails, it will not be retried until the client makes some change. if i have retry every week for set to 2, that means whmcs will attempt to bill the card once a week for 2 weeks. ok so...both of those things cant be true. are they not in conflict with one another? if it retries the card once a week for 2 weeks, then it is not attempting only once. so which takes precedence?
  15. Hello, Sorry, I feel like I always ask such broad general questions. I am having a lack of clarity when it comes to how automated billing/charing is supposed to work. All of my products (web hosting packages) are set up as "recurring". Is that correct? And each has a monthy, bi-annual, and yearly payment option. And I give clients the choice to pay by authorize.net, paypal, or mail in check. So the thing I don't understand is how these different things are treated by whmcs. if someone signs up to pay by check then obviously an invoice is generated every month or 6 months or whatever, i get that. but what if someone signs up to pay by authorize.net, does that mean that their card will be automatically charged every month, 6 months, or year? is there just an assumption that using authorize.net as a payment gateway means automatic billing? what if someone is paying yearly and chooses to pay via authorize.net but does not intend to be automatically billed? what if they just expect to receive an invoice each year and decide each year how to pay? what about paypal, which seems to lie somewhere in the middle? if someone chooses to pay by paypal do they get charged automatically, or do they just receive an invoice automatically that they need to then address? sorry i am not phrasing all this well, but im just trying to understand the relationship between the payment gateways and whether people's cards are charged automatically, i guess. thanks

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