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  1. Thanks for the follow-up - it was, indeed, a third party theme extension.
  2. Hi there, I've come across an error I can't seem to find a solution for. From this page: https://**WHMCS INSTALL** /admin/configaddonmods.php?activated=true when I save an addon configuration, I get the following error: Error Updating Value On the page: https://**WHMCS INSTALL**/billing/admin/configaddonmods.php I've turned on error reporting and I don't get anything more verbose - just this. I upgraded to the most recent release to see if I could resolve it. The update went smoothly but the error is still present. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated. Thanks! Amber
  3. Hi all I have one client that has over 1000 domains and over 60 hosting accounts, then some other services (SSL, etc). When they try to log in, or when I try to login as them (from the admin area or client area) it hangs until it times out. I increased the memory_limit to 640M and it finally loaded after about 45 seconds. Before that, it gave me a 500 error. What can I adjust for clients of this size that makes logging in a bit easier? I tested other templates and that's not the issue. Other clients with a normal amount of services are fine as well. Thank you!
  4. I still need to create the hook - it would be specific to hosting package #s and would call the API to create an email address for that account.
  5. Hi, can't find this in the documentation. I need to implement a hook on three specific hosting package numbers. How would I go about doing that? TIA
  6. I have 2 chat scripts. One is mine, one is my support team. I want to create a quick script that will switch what is displayed depending on whether or not admin id #1 is logged in. What I tried (below) isn't doing it. Any help appreciated. I am clearly no developer. This is on the front end in the header.tpl Thanks! {if $smarty.session.adminid>1} {literal} -- ADMIN #1 CHAT SCRIPT -- {/literal} {else} {literal} -- SUPPORT TEAM CHAT SCRIPT -- {/literal} {/if}
  7. Just a few thoughts - » Does it happen when other templates are enabled? » Is it a www vs non-www issue? i.e. is the href pointing to www while your site is on non-www, or vice versa? » Is there a redirect in place in .htaccess, it would be strange, but it happens! » Have you tried uploading the clientareadomaindns.tpl again to be sure the file isn't corrupt? » If you open the F12 console, do you see errors when you transition from the domain page to the dns page? Usually when I have strange issues like this, I find clues in the console.
  8. The CSRF errors could be session/cookie related. Did you clean our your template cache after the upgrade? Utilities > System > System Cleanup > Empty Template Cache Also, maybe restart the server?
  9. You can bypass the Google Analytics Addon and just add the code directly to your /<whmcs_directory>/<template>/header.tpl file before the </head> tag.
  10. I believe I have this figured out, and maybe it can help someone else. My daily tasks weren't running and this is how I fixed it: 1. Moved /crons/ folder to root -- I just did this because it's more secure, I don't think it's necessary to make this work. 2. Made sure my account had SSH access. It would be weird if it didn't but just in case. 3. Changed the cron command from this: php -q /home/<USER>/<WHMCS>/crons/cron.php to this: Crons are running every 5 minutes and processing daily tasks at the time indicated in WHMCS now.
  11. You want the green padlock, it means the page is securely loading over https://
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