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  1. I forgot WHMCS requires IonCube, until @evolve hosting reminded me. Yea, IonCube hasn't release anything in awhile. Last update was 10.4.5 they released on 2020-11-24
  2. Thanks. Yea, IonCube isn't out yet for PHP 8. Which I can't figure out why. PHP 5.6 has been EOL for a long time. PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 have been for awhile also. PHP 7.3 just went EOL. PHP 7.4 is coming up for active support EOL in November 2021. With security ending in November 2022. And PHP 8.1.0 RC1 just came out.
  3. Brian, Thanks. Will get that setup. Funny than just stopping the entry. They keep using different IP's to post from. Still curious how they keep getting past the reCaptia also. Unless it's not a bot, but someone overseas cutting & pasting.
  4. Well that spam feature is useless then. 😕 I'll try & lookup how to do that hook.
  5. We have a problem with a spammer using the ticket system, even though reCapcha is enabled. email is eric.jones.z.mail@gmail.com His email is also blocked in WHMCS, but somehow he keeps submitting tickets. Keywords he is using are also blocked. Any ideas? When I click on Block Sender, I get Spam Control Update FailedThis email address is already on the blocked email senders list
  6. Under Utilities -> System -> Database Status Trying to run the Download Database Backup But it just sits there and finally times out with an 500 Internal Server Error I thought I had all the permissions set per the WHMCS guide, but I'm guessing I missed one. Looked under the System Activity Log, but nothing shows. Under General Settings -> Other -> Enabled Show Errors under System Settings, and nothing showed either. Seems like a permission setting is wrong. Anyone have an idea?
  7. Just started getting a 403 Forbidden Error when trying to post an Announcement. This worked the last time an Announcement was posted on 2021/03/21 01:51 Only changes to the server have been normal updates via dnf (Yes, we run CentOS 8 servers) No other noticed problems using the admin panel. Any ideas?
  8. Not using PHP 8. I should have used separate line to make it less confusing. -- CentOS Stream 8 WHMCS 8.1.3 PHP 7.4.16 Apache 2.4.46 -- It was a weird problem. 2 orders, and a test order did it. Removed the automation to activate after payment, to hold because I didn't want any cross account problems, and it seems to be OK for now. Does anyone know if there is an option to run a database check & fix on WHMCS?
  9. Well, just tried it again and do dupe. Go figure.
  10. Using WHMCS 8.1.3, PHP 7.4.16 now on CentOS Stream 8 When an order comes in, and I click on Pending Orders, it shows the previous along with the new current order. The installation does have FraudLabs Pro installed. Seems like WHMCS isn't closing out the previous order completely, but when I approve the order, and then look at it, all is fine. Any way to run a check & fix on the database?
  11. Thank You very much for your help. Just uploaded and is working. 🙂
  12. Tried the below, and had placed in /includes/hooks But didn't work either. <?php add_hook('Primary_Navbar-Home', 1, function (MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { $navItem = $primaryNavbar->getChild('Home'); if (is_null($navItem)) { return; } $navItem->setUri('https://starbursthosting.com'); });
  13. Thanks Brian, How would I do it just or non-clients, like you mentioned in the last paragraph?
  14. Tried that. 😕 Domain is set to https://starbursthosting.com WHMCS System URL is set to https://portal.starbursthosting.com But Home still takes you to https://portal.starbursthosting.com/index.php
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