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PDF Invoice Attachments on Reminder emails etc


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Hi Guys,


I searched through the docs and forum but could not find an answer to this.


At present, a PDF invoice is attached to the initial Invoice Created email, and also the final Invoice Payment Confirmation email that customers receive.


However, all the other 'invoice related' emails do not have the PDF attachment. This is causing a lot of confusion for our customers as this is the first month we have been using WHMCS.


What we want, is that every email that is sent out regarding invoices or payment should have the PDF invoice attached.


Specifically, we want the PDF attached to the following:


- Invoice Payment Reminder ** this is the most important one of them all **

- First Invoice Overdue Notice

- Second Invoice Overdue Notice

- Third Invoice Overdue Notice

- Credit Card Payment Due

- Credit Card Payment Failed

- Account Suspended


How do we do this?


Thanks guys.

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Yes this would be good to have although it's actually a good idea to provide some kind of incentive for customers to login to their Client Area on a regular basis to stay in touch with any new developments, look at KB articles, etc.


Even so, plus 1 for this idea because PDFs are the standard for important documents so increasingly more widely expected.

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@MonkeyMagic - did you ever find a solution for this?


This thread is close to four years old, and the forum user that you are asking hasn't been on this forum since June 2011.


Is that a "no", David?


If the feature exists, I'm sure that other members would greatly appreciate knowing how to utilize the requested feature.

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Our reminders include a copy of the PDF invoice already. They always have. I can't find an option anywhere in the settings but we've been using WHMCS for a few years now so maybe it's a carry over from a previous version?

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