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My WHMCS don't work properly with IE6


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I am not 100% sure but everything so far indicates that WHMCS dont work properly with IE6 at some servers and are unable to find out WHY.


With 52% of our visitors using IE6 and only 7% IE7 just suggesting upgrade to IE7 is not an option as it will effectively means we must "reject" 52% of our potential clients right from the start.


Would be interesting to know what percentage of WHMCS users unknowingly loose a percentage of their visitors because of this IE6 issue.


We have several WHMCS installations on our relative standard cPanel servers without any problem with IE6 but on hostgator, and I just now checked a few "showcase links" some other servers the following happens.


1) Even with 100% new and default installation you get a blank page for ANYTHING, public and admin side, links, submit buttons etc and that apply for page refresh too.


2) The page is simply blank without any errors. It seems that even the "view source" display the correct and full page code.


3) After each link or submit button you must however click on Go in browser address bar and the page will then be displayed correctly.


(In other words. Visit http://www.onlinebilling.co.za with IE6 and you get blank page, click Go AGAIN and you get the page. Click any link, blank page, click Go and you get the page. Click submit, blank page, Click Go, page displayed)


While the easy solution is to keep all WHMCS installations on our servers the problem is that a client wants WHMCS on his hostgator reseller account and I want to create SEPARATE reseller acc for my son but unless this problem is fixed I have to move from host to host until I get one on whose servers WHMCS works properly with IE6. (and then hope they don't change something that render WHMCS useless on their servers)


Any ideas why please?

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Have you thought that maybe its the server setting on hostgator on that particular server!! Contact hostgator and ask them if they can migrate your reseller account to one of their other servers to see it that makes a difference.

I have used ie6 from some of my clients computers and have no problems with WHMCS at all.

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The same problem appear on two different hostgator servers as well as on some servers in the WHMCS "showcast" forum.


Hostgator actively try to resolve the problem (after posting on webhostingtalk) but struggle to find IE6 so they can test.


The problem is that MOST technicial people (hosts) will perhaps using FF or IE7 etc so they would not even be aware of the issue but a GOOD number of potential clients still use IE6 so.....


In retrospective what SUCH people actually saying to their POTENTIAL clients is you cannot become one of our clients UNLESS you spend a goooood sum upgrading to Vista or even just XP because we only want clients with IE7 or FF.


Maybe I must leave the issue as is> It's a good opportunity for me to promote my web hosting saying that WE support IE6 while many other hosts don't. If you use IE6 you don't need to upgrade and can just move your site over to us.

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Not in my Windows 2000 with latest IE6 (Reinstalled IE6 with direct download and install option to make 100% sure).


After three days I am still trying to find out WHY certain WHMCS installations such as the TWO that I have on Hostgator display blank page every time unless you click GO but works perfectly on other servers.


(Originally have 4 on my servers without any problem. Moved one to hostgator and encounter this problem. Move another one and the same problem too. Later checked and it seems that some "showcase" installations works fine and some others don't.)


Seems it can be narrowed down to only Windows 2000 and IE6 so maybe it's not so big problem after all but still.... If only 10 of the 52% current visitors (on working installation) cannot order any hosting and click away to next host it's a MONTHLY loss of income and can be considerable big amounts over time. (10 clients x $10 pm = $1200 per year)


First image is when I access one such link first time.

Second image is after I clicked GO again.



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I need to add that there is a cumulative update to IE6 SP1 running on Windows 2000 SP4... not sure if it would apply...but I remember something about it.


Also I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if IE6 SP1 for Windows 2000 is just not capable of supporting certain code within WHMCS.


Should Matt and his support crew focus on this? To test the waters, let's do a bit of research. In 2003 when Windows 2000 had almost 50% of the market. By the end of 2004 that number dropped to 23%...end of 2005...down to 15%... see the pattern? Welcome to 2009 where only 1.9%...yes...1.9% of the market uses Windows 2000. Source: w3schools.com


I am not sure where you got your numbers from, but your loss of income is a lot less than you are projecting based on the market share that are using the end of life operating system, Windows 2000.

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Damn...I must learn to read...my apologies for going off topic.


Definitely a simplified identifier...Hostgator is your problem. You said it yourself. Your IE6 SP1 browser in Windows 2000 can use WHMCS on other hosts...just not Hostgator...probably a configuration setting on their end.

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My Windows 2000 is on automatic updates but I already checked that as well as IE6 updates again and again.


Seems the version I have is the latest one Microsoft made available for Win 2000.


Hostgator tried their best but cannot do anything further.

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