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im so confused :S


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Here is my situation :)


I have just bought a reseller account, it comes with cPanel and WHM. I have installed WHMCS and so far so good.


My problem is i see no integration what so ever between my WHM and WHMCS. When i create a new package on WHMCS i cant find options to set the Quotas etc.


I have followed this: http://wiki.whmcs.com/CPanel/WHM


But my already created packages (in WHM) do not show up in WHMCS, and likewise when i create an account in WHMCS it does not show up in WHM.


Is there something i am doing wrong here, or is it not possible.




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Thanks for all the help.


So when i create a "test" account as if i was a client, using WHMCS it does not show up in WHM :S Do they not sync between each-other then? i used the "WHM IMPORT SCRIPT" and got my accounts from WHM to WHMCS but i need them to go back the other way as well :S

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humm.. yeah clearly something is up.


I have just created a "test" account and a dummy package (using WHMCS) i purchased the dummy hosting with the test account, i only received the "payment" emails none of the setup emails for the hosting account.


Also when i logged into WHM the account was not there nore was the hosting package i created.


Looks like im doing something totally wrong here as the two do not seam to be syncing with each other.


Thanks again,


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In WHMCS Configuration > Servers


at the bottom "Server Details" did you complete that?


Also in WHM under Cluster/Remote Access - you can generate a Key


A remote access key is used for automatic account creation scripts, external billing software, and various other things that need to call the WHM to create / remove / modify accounts.


Also he package names have to be the same in WHM and WHMCS

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