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Is your country selected by default ?


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Thats cool. Did you write some custom code for your template to use that?

of course i did what do you think it's working without code ? :)

Would you be willing to share it?

it is still in a test and not fully finished and when the time comes i will .

I still need some more feedback from other countries .

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Worked for me in France, displayed "France or Monaco" which is fine.

Good resource you pointed to, but obviously if you wrote some code you're willing to share I'll be happy to not reinvent the wheel given that I provide some custom code myself before ;-)

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if anyone out there is willing to write a complete ReadMe file with the following , i will share it immediately after that . To avoid questions and how to , the read me file have to include the following

1- how to create the database table and fields with phpmyadmin


2-how to import the database into the database (phpmyadmin)

3-how to update the database to the latest in the future


4- writing the changes made in clientregister.tpl or order-signup.tpl


then i will provide you with the following ready to use:


php File

javascript file



I know some of the above will be asked so let's avoid it and i am really bad in writing documentations.


ANY Volunteers lazy people? :)

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Here are the creation files I have created so far based on a few items:

1. Your existing WHMCS database is called whmcs

2. The new WHMCS table will be mod_iptocountry

3. Root can run wget command


Run the following from a command prompt while logged into server as root:

cd /tmp
wget http://ip-to-country.webhosting.info/downloads/ip-to-country.csv.zip
unzip ip-to-country.csv.zip
mv ip-to-country.csv iptocountry.csv
rm -f ip-to-country.csv.zip
chown mysql.mysql iptocountry.csv
chmod 666 iptocountry.csv


Create a file called iptocountry.sql and add these contents:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mod_iptocountry` (
 `IP_FROM` double NOT NULL default '0',
 `IP_TO` double NOT NULL default '0',
 `COUNTRY_CODE2` char(2) NOT NULL default '',
 `COUNTRY_CODE3` char(3) NOT NULL default '',
 `COUNTRY_NAME` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
TRUNCATE `mod_iptocountry`;
OPTIMIZE TABLE `mod_iptocountry`;
SELECT COUNT(*) AS Total FROM `mod_iptocountry`;


Finally, run this command to create the table in the whmcs database and populate it:

mysql --database=whmcs < /tmp/iptocountry.sql


After running, your out should shold look like this:

Table   Op      Msg_type        Msg_text
mod_iptocountry   optimize        status  OK

The last two lines indicate the number to entries within the new/updated table. As long as your table structure doesn't change, you can safely run the last command over and over with no issues...


As a side note, I'm going to do this same thing with the MaxMind City based data... http://www.maxmind.com/app/geolitecity via pecl...

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