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Warning for anyone testing .uk domain registration through DirectI


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Hi all,


Just to warn you all, you CANNOT register .uk domains under "Demo Mode" with DirectI. I found this out the hard way by attempting to do it only to find out it had registered the domain in live mode!


So now, I have a domain.... testingtestingtesting.org.uk which I never wanted! DirectI tell me this has happened because you can't do .uk registration in Demo Mode.


I'm quite annoyed about this because I would expect it to either 1) just not work or 2) at least give me an error, but it decides to register it instead.


Maybe Matt could put something in WHMCS backend to reflect this ?

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If you have the demo mode option ticked in the WHMCS DirectI Config then that is where it was sent to. If it went through the live system then that would be the DirectI side. WHMCS does not send any live commands when test mode is enabled - regardless of the TLD used.



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This is what I originally said to them, but they refused to accept this and said it was an error with WHMCS.


Would it not be easy to add something in WHMCS to stop this happening though ? i.e. if TLD = .uk and mode = demo and registrar = DirectI then give an error "You cannot register .uk domains in Demo mode" ?

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I have just spoken with their support again and they are now saying this:


"Our system would register it in the live environment only if the particular parameters corresponding to the live environment were passed in the API call.


First of all we do not have a testing environment for third level .uk domain names.


Secondly the domain name will not be registered unless the live server parameters are passed.


If you could get the XML sent/received for this particular API call we can investigate the issue."


Is it possible to get this information Matt ?

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I know this won't help, but I said this to one of our users yesterday. He enquired last night, and I told him not to do a test with .UK as Nominet do not give you a "grace period" if its registered, its registered.


If you will add something into the WHMCS or module Matt, can you please putt it in ours too ;):)




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OK, not much use to you now, but I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work for anyone testing registration of UK domains.


As a nominet tag holder, we use the following domains (even in a live environment) and they are never registered as nominets system (the automaton) recognises them as test domains and so the automaton responds to the connecting API with the information of success or failure.



automaton-test-**.org.uk etc etc.


** = any number ie, automaton-test-01.co.uk


Hope this helps.



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