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HELM 3 Import Script / Tool for WHMCS

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I've attached a screenshot with the progress of the project. Since the structure in HELM3 is a bit different than how WHMCS works there were a few things that needed to be done differently. The hosting plans needed to be created beforehand for each reseller and then each user is imported, they need to be mapped to the correct hosting plan. Currently the import tool brings in customer information, assigns hosting plans, and recurring payments. If there are any other features that you think are mandatory (not nice to have) please mention them and I'd be more than happy to consider them and program them in.


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if its just clients your importing WHMCS their is one already, if your making something more advanced that imports packages/billing etc, then i dont think their is one that does that.


the one I have does this:

you use HELM Toolbox to export clients (ie reseller list, or all users of Reseller 1 etc)

then upload to whmcs folder, edit this file to say data.csv exists in \xx\data.csv

execute php file in web browser.


job done.

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Chris, well I don't know where this script is you speak of, it is no-where to be found on WHMCS website.

It sounds very limited though.


My import tool does the following.


1. allows direct import from HELM database to WHMCS database, no need to export data first, just setup 2 DSN's

2. allows you to import resellers, or choose a resllers and import all his users, or just import specific users

3. allow custom mapping of each HELM field to a field in WHMCS, also supports custom fields, so you can also store the original HELM userID, mobile number, fax number, secondary email, address 3, home phone, etc, which do not exist in WHMCS by default.

4. allows setting default values for any other custom client fields you may have.

5. allows you to specify whether you want the welcome email to be sent or not.

6. checks whether user already exists so you do not accidentally import existing users more than once

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