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Better WHMCS security - 1 - check user registration data

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Try to register a new user account on your own WHMCS.
When you're asked for "first name", insert a random text, whatever length... i.e. something like this:


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Use the very same text also for surname.
And for company name.
And for address, and for whatever field does not check the data you inserted.
And for email a fake address on a non-existing domain.
It's not a joke: You'll be able to register a new account with those crazy data, because:

1-  WHMCS does not check the data in any way

2 - the  data are saved in db using a "text" type field for each one... and this means that the limit of a name, or of a surname, is 65535 chars

Question: how many people has a name long 65535 chars?

How many surnames long 65535 do you know?

This is more than an issue, because i.e. in an attack it may be used to register hundreds of fake users, each using a huge amount of data, and bringing your db dimensions out of limits.
Or registering using long string and special chars may bring your template going crazy...

But you can also register using near-real data, but a disposable email address, and use this disposable email address to commit fraud (i.e., buying services using cloned credit cards). 

So I created a "check user data hook" that:

1 - limit the length of any field you can insert to 150 chars

2 - check the email address, in order not to allow registering using disposable addresses or on non-existing domains

The hook is available for free on Github ( https://github.com/DomainRegister/WHMCS ) or on DomainRegister's site:  https://domainregister.international/index.php/knowledgebase/696/Check-User-Data-for-Better-WHMCS-Security.html

Credits: thank to @bear and @leemahoney3 for the help in silly bug hunting...


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