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Domains with or without a dot (and special features?)

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I was testing the system when something strange came up..

(detail: I'm just using the standard templates; portal and boxes)



On the DOMAIN PRICING page I filled the extensions with a . (dot) in front of the extension according the manual.



When ordering a domain name the list of available domain names is not as is suppose to be.

The first name is the name literally checked; for example: baz00ka.com

Al the other domainnames also checked are in the wrong format:



So without a dot between it.



Another thing came up. When the admin does not put a dot before the extension on the DOMAIN PRICING page instantly got the function to change the period for that domain :o


Is this a bug or is this a strange setting?


(And the domain whois doesnt seem to work?)

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I just came to the forum to post about a bug that has occurred twice to 2 customers of mine this afternoon. Bear in mind I've been running WHMCS for months now and this hasn't occurred before and so I can't comment on the above post about missing dots.


As far as I'm concerned, on my setup, everything works, BUT there is a possibility that if customers input the domain TLD incorrectly, there doesn't appear to be a check to advise them.



customer opts to change the nameservers of a domain they already own. They enter the domain name




in the first box and in the TLD section, (despite there being a 'dot' in between the 2 boxes), they enter .com (note the dot) instead of just com.


The order process continues and only fails when the system attempts to set the domain up on the server and reports back that


mydomain..com is invalid. (obviously).


Shouldn't the system have picked this up during the order process?



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Oops, I guess I could have posted that here as well.


If you go to your WHMCS admin section. Under configuration -> domain pricing, change the domain names to include the . in front on the name.


So change nl and be to .nl and .be

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