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8.4 Beta

Evolve Web Hosting

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4 hours ago, evolve hosting said:

Did anyone see there's a v8.4 in the works? Looks like we'll get another update without the option to test it before it's released.


It's because they want users daft enough to update to let them know of issues! It's the cheapest way to test 

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4 minutes ago, Bigol'tastynuggets said:

To be fair, it looks as though they are attempting to fix the travesty of a Sidebar! So Kudos to the whmcs for that! 

I wonder what new product is being added to need a Sidebar change though? 

Probably related to the Wordpress Toolkit or SSL. I don't see this fix listed in the changelog yet.


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3 minutes ago, wsa said:

they have not fix couple bug that I report also from v8.3.x why they do a new version if they dont add all fix that peoples report

I guess they want to get as many people hooked on MarketConnect - that seems to be the big push. Not trying to kick off a huge debate / argument but I'm not a big fan of the other billing options available and yes I've tried a few others. For now, v8.3.2 is working well for us so we'll stick with it.

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8.2.1 is by no means perfect, but it's probably the best mix of not being a total disaster and fixing some previous issues so it's as far as we'll go! 

Certainly not endangering my customers, or costing myself money in wages to pay people to manually charge cards and double check invoices were created. The most frustrating thing about whmcs, if they hired real developers and did a few dev cycles of fixes rather than trying to milk us they'd be undisputed in the market! 

We've moved what we can move, so we can actually automate things - whmcs requires the most man hours currently for all the companies we run! It's also the platform I trust the least to not just 💩 the bed and stop working one night randomly! 

All it takes is their new licensing system to break yet again and that's more over time I have to pay out! I think I'm done with updates though unless they have to tell us of a vulnerability- I don't have the time to mess around any more which is very sad! I used to feel excited to see updates! 

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