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Help! Uncaught ReferenceError: initStripe is not defined


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Using WHMCS version 8.3.2  Twentyone theme + Standard Cart, so in other words, no mods.  I also tried changing theme to Six and the Cart to Modern

Payments have been working fine.  - then a customer went to pay invoice at "Billing > My Invoices > Pay Now (basically it's the checkout) - with CC via Stripe and got  "Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support".  They contacted me to report the error.

In the transaction log, it simply shows 

Status => error
message => An unexpected error - No Stripe Payment Method found from token
token => 

In DevTools, loading ""Billing > My Invoices > Pay Now"  it shows "Uncaught ReferenceError: initStripe is not defined" - so it appears it's not seeing the stripe js file? ?

Things I've tried: 

Nothing seems to be working....  Help !

Screenshot from devtools:



initstripe is not defined-screenshot.jpg

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Oh no, card processing issues are back for the 12th time this year  😝

It does actually look different to the last time whmcs broke card processing and I'm not brave enough to use the latest beta on a production site! 

Does it show in stripe as a failed payment? It may have more insight into what was missing - sometimes the logs aren't great but stripe captures attempts and gives better feedback! A duplicate js element  can cause as many problems as a missing element when it comes to billing- although undoubtedly we'll never fully know what's been changed just that it was a highly requested feature that nobody claims 🤣


I'm not sure it'll even make it to stripe under these circumstances but certainly worth a go just to see if there's anything! Undoubtedly you raised a ticket with whmcs and they acted shocked and directed you here? 

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OK Problem solved - it was the TAWK live chat addon causing a conflict.

In typical fashion, I had removed all addons - but had not removed that one as it was from the WHMCS store.... gone now!

Fair dues to support team who answered my ticket swiftly and pointed out the issue.



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