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Stripe Dispute in WHMCS -- Submit Dispute didn't seem to work


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I've been holding off submitting a dispute so I could try the dispute handling built into WHMCS 8.3.

Submitting evidence works great. I put together all the evidence I wanted to submit, got it submitted through WHMCS, and then finally submitted the dispute via the `Submit Dispute` button. A little green "The dispute has been submitted!" message popped up and the `Submit Dispute` button was disabled.

Went back to the dispute list, and this dispute was still labeled `New`. Viewed the dispute, and the `Submit Dispute` button is still active. Logged into the Stripe dashboard, and the dispute is still in `Needs response` mode.

The activity log at Stripe has several "A request to update a dispute du_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx completed" entries related to submitting evidence, and I can see the evidence I've submitted.

I went back to the dispute in WHMCS and hit the `Submit Dispute` button again. Got the popup window warning that submitting the dispute is irreversible. Got  the `"The dispute has been submitted!" after clicking Yes, but still nothing happened at Stripe.


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  • WHMCS Support Manager

Hi @Troy,

If you check the logs against the transaction in the Stripe Dashboard you should see WHMCS telling Stripe to submit the dispute:

Request parameters

  "submit": "true"

If the dispute is still showing as pending response, I'd recommend getting in touch with Stripe support so they can investigate.

Their developer docs definitely state that this should submit the dispute: https://stripe.com/docs/api/disputes/update#update_dispute-submit


The Dispute list and details in WHMCS will reflect the live status of the dispute at the gateway.

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