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Any interest for a NordVPN Wireguard reseller module for WHMCS?

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NordVPN has resellers ( NordVPN Resellers ).

NordVPN has an SDK / API ( NordVPN SDK / API ).

NordVPN has Wireguard ( NordVPN Wireguard ).


But there doesn't appear to be a NordVPN WHMCS Module?! (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Are they expecting hosting companies to manually enter/delete/update vpn accounts? If so, how is that scalable?


"The first step of creating a service or product is getting a feel for the demand."


By a show of hands, how many hosting companies would be interested in this? 🙂

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I Contact Them and they have paid plans and not auto system.  Maybe to keep pricing and services under control. Because they give you a limit for price and not allowed to sell it under it .

in the other hand I found VPN  reseller in the market place and i contact them but they never reply. They give a good price but you have to pay $100 first the cons is no trial, no support answer you so how we will pay it for our customers. 

Sitelock VPN is good services but why it's not famous? hope find answer no one know it.


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I don't see any other Famous VPN brand providing a WHMCS API key for integration. I am using Pure VPN white label solution as a infrastructure to my vpn. 

They don't offer a WHMCS solution but they are building one which will be released in the first half of 2022.

However if you are looking for a WHMCS solution go for vpnreseller whitelabel program. 


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