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Removing Domain Config from Checkout.


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Hi - I want to remove the domain configuration from checkout as all our customers are self representing, and don't require all the configuration on that step - we've lost customers on that step as they're not tech savvy.

So I need to remove this domain configuration step from checkout. We don't offer identity protection, nor do we offer any additonal domain services so this step is useless for us.

I have tried adding skipconfig, but to no avail as I get this following error: 


Please correct the following errors before continuing:

  • Registrant Name is required (chrgngfhgfhf.co.uk)


I need to completely remove the domain configuration step, can't the system get the registrant name after they've signup and entered their billing name?

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22 hours ago, iwanndie said:

Yes, this is possible as evidenced with https://krystal.uk/

even there, you would still have to enter the registrant details.

21 hours ago, iwanndie said:

But I cannot do the same technique with the registrant details. 

those fields are generated by WHMCS and are not in the template.

21 hours ago, iwanndie said:

Is it possible to link to a product, with the domain preselected, and the registrant name preselected in the url?

interesting question... using a link to add a product with domain pre-selected, yes.... passing the registrant name, I very much doubt.

I suppose using a hook, you could modify the additional domains fields array and prefill them with a registrant value, but how much further that would get you i'm not sure.

22 hours ago, iwanndie said:

As I could create a form, that asks for domain, and registrant name etc, then takes directly to cart.

adding the values direct to the cart session should work - once added, the user should be able to go straight to viewcart / checkout.... though if the form was using multiple TLDs (e.g not just .uk), then that could make the additional domain field values a pain to do as you would have to know which fields ware required and even which fields to ask for during the form.

all that said, it might just be simpler to look at buying a one-page orderform checkout options.

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