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  1. Hi again, I am just finishing up my API for WHMCS, and I have a question about checkouts. I am currently building a one-page checkout in Laravel for WHMCS using the API. What would be the correct order of API calls? Currently I have: Add Client Account Add Payment Method Add Order / Invoice Would that also automatically generate the invoice? Or would I need to generate the invoice at checkout? Does that also capture the payment, or do I need to capture too? Would this also set-up automatic billing through Stripe
  2. In terms of login, can you authenticate through WHMCS, and protect the Laravel control area using the same session? Or, can you login through Laravel, authenticating with the WHMCS database?
  3. Is it just a case of getting the domain / per user in the hook, and passing that array to the ClientArea?
  4. My hosting control panel is currently built in Laravel, using the cPanel API. I wish to integrate billing, and the hosting control panel into one unison panel. Is it possible to integrate through the WHMCS API the client area?
  5. Would I need to do it through hooks? I was planning to limit it to 3.
  6. Is it possible to pass the domains, and products of a customer to the navbar, so that those products and domains can be listed in the navbar?
  7. How do I edit the footer of an existing home panel?
  8. Where would you begin, to build a one-page checkout, where the customer can be linked directly to a product? Any pointers?
  9. Just started making my own theme, <!-- Dynamic Template Compatibility --> <!-- Please update your theme to include or have a comment on the following to negate dynamic inclusion --> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/assets/css/fontawesome-all.min.css" /> Is being included on my page, even though I have already included fontawesome...?
  10. This is also a issue for me. $primaryNavbar->addChild('Dashboard') ->setUri('https://client.domain.io/') ->setIcon('fa-tachometer') ->setOrder(1); Creates a functioning item, with a icon. However, URI doesn't change at all.
  11. I don't even know what the best way of querying WHMCS tables would be? Does WHMCS have anything built in?
  12. Yea, but it hasn't got access to the domain or username variables.
  13. Hey, is there a hook for when a admin accepts an order on the admin panel which can access $vars such as domain, username?
  14. I'm trying to access params for AfterModuleCreate. domain, username params. But when I log them to activity, they're empty values. Help please.
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