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WHMCS NGINX Rewrite Rules for Version 8.1.3


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My friend Bala gave me a hand with these rules for nginx.

  #== WHMCS Security Advisory 2020-01-28
  location ^~ /whmcs/vendor/ {
    deny all;
    return 403;
  #== WHMCS Admin Area
  location ~ /whmcs/admin/(client!\.php|client/(.*)|search!\.php|search/(.*)|apps|billing|setup|user|services|addons|domains|utilities|logs|help!\.php|help/license|image/(recent|upload))/?(.*)$ {
    root /path/to/website/root/folder;
    rewrite ^/(.*)$ /whmcs/admin/index.php?rp=/admin/$1/$2;
  #== WHMCS Client Area
  location ~ /whmcs/(images/em|invoice|login|password|account|store|download|knowledgebase|project_management|announcements|clientarea/ssl-certificates|user/(verification|accounts|profile|password|security|verify)|cart/(domain/renew)|cart/order|images/kb)/?(.*)$ {
    root /path/to/website/root/folder;
    rewrite ^/(.*)$ /whmcs/index.php?rp=/$1/$2;

Finish the task by completing the following:

1.  Log in to your WHMCS Admin
2.  Go to Configuration > General and change your "Friendly URLs" to "Full Friendly Rewrite"
3.  Go to Utilities > System > System Cleanup > Empty Template Cache
4.  Clear your cache at /var/cache/nginx/*
5.  Test Nginx with "nginx -t"
6.  Reload Nginx with "nginx -s reload"  

I hope this helps someone.



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