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  1. Get yourself an VPS at Hetzner, or dedicated... Then use runcloud.io as hosting panel. The setup could not be more easy than this, and you have full control yourself to manage hosting settings.
  2. So im using this module, and it works, its okay and delivers what promised. Only thing thats a bit annoying is, first of all the language file was encoded, they did provide an unencoded language file when asked for it. And somehow even i pay this yearly, i was not able to DL the latest version, had to ask for this as well. So it gives what is promised and the support team is acting ok fast on what "should be normal" but isen't. I give 3.5 stars out of 5, would have been 5 if i had not needed to write twice to get what was expected 🙂
  3. Why not just use the BCC field? I do it that way and it works quite nicely.
  4. Hi Is it just me or is there no way to translate "Group features" ?
  5. Or make a deal with WHMCS team to fix the security bugs in our versions, via some paid support deal. Most likely WHMCS would be willing to do this, because they halfly already ruined their name with what they have done the last few years, and ruining perfectly good hosting companies by not offering security fixes would make a bad situation even worse for them. Or we simply just remove the encoding on the files, and fix the bugs ourself. Ioncube has been broken for a long time now, and its a waste of time encoding any files. The encoding can be removed very cheaply by online services, and yes also WHMCS they just added some extra security checks in their source, so a direct 1=1 decoding of whmcs does not work, but you can replace quite a bit of the original encoded files, with decoded files before whmcs starts spitting errors out.
  6. I figured it out, prorate was enabled somehow for these products, disabling that did the trick.
  7. Hi John Thanks for that, there was a configurable options added to it. But i dont think that was the problem, because the problem persists even after i deleted the configurable options for it.
  8. So i just stumbled upon this problem now... A product i have, i set the price to 540 kr for a year. But WHMCS bills this product at 514,85 kr... What the hell has gone wrong here ? Its only for this category with office 365 products whmcs dont bill the correct price. Rest of products its doing working correct I tried disabling tax, did nothing. I tried converting the USD/EUR to dkk also, none of those amounts fits 514.85
  9. Hi Anyone know of a solution to add "late fees" on some products, without enabling it for all ?
  10. Well, TBH ioncube has been broken for some time now, can easily be decrypted via various services really cheap and sometimes for free. So its basicly useless. Really juts forget to encrypt the source because its basically useless... Find some other way to maintain copyright. Many other providers earn shitloads of money with open source, how come whmcs cannot do that...
  11. Yes, just check what is being blocked, and change the filter to exclude those things. https://www.interserver.net/tips/kb/disable-modsecurity-rule-for-cpanel-user/?__cf_chl_f_tk=j9yPis6l0TEhoy2P2LetwF5r8IZNFH4c1l5kdaSjJYU-1642252757-0-gaNycGzNB5E
  12. Just so we are on the same page - I never in any way stated that I think you are a bad developer. On the contrary that I do now that you definitely are not. If that somehow could be extracted from my posts, that is not intentionally and not what I was trying to say, English is not my first language - I only have/had one problem with how I perceive the way you run your business. I actually do have a team of 10 Pakistani developers full time that work for me, some stolen from the US military, so they know what they are doing. But they are not that used to WHMCS, but they could be in a month or two, if I dedicated my money towards it, which I haven't had the need for so far except when shi* started hitting my fan so they could save me. I completely understand what it is you are saying, and I do agree with most of it, and I should have used another wording for my posts. But I also do run a hosting company, where I am hosting 85% of a whole country. That is everything from government, military, police, banking, down to the smallest guy having a simple WP site - I cannot in any way be down which I was. I cannot make mistakes where my invoice numbers suddenly screws up, I cannot make mistakes where company name suddenly dont show up in invoices correctly. I take my job very very very serious and simple mistakes can costs me a fortune in lost revenue ( I can prove everything in PM, but im not interested in showing the world who I am ) which all of these things unfortunately happened to me. And who else than the developer could I have tried to go to to get help. The module is encoded. My biggest frustration was the waiting time, where i was being left alone with my problems, and had to figure them out by myself when I expected that there would be some sort of support for what I bought, we both live in EU, we do have some expectations to what we buy. All while literally all of my clients was on the phone asking what was going on, and all this really stressed me out big time, because I felt kidnapped between that the module is encoded, I cannot fix anything by myself, and the complete silence from your end, and in all my years of business, I have never ignored any support requests, 98% of our tickets have a reply within 3 minutes. I hope it sheds a bit of light on how I perceived the things, and please do not think, that I in any way think you are a bad developer at all, and I do not hate you, I still recommended your CMS plugin in another posts yesterday.
  13. That is correct, but "dreamweaver" sends a signal, that this guy might not be the best developer, or have much experience experience in coding. And then to start editing the template files, is a big step compared to wysiwyg editors. Nothing against dreamweaver, Its purely based on that editing WHMCS Template files aint that easy if you haven't written much code before.
  14. lol wut ??? I tried helping the guy out who seems NOT to be a developer since he use dreamweaver, and you want him to start editing the template files with dreamweaver, maybe you are still a bit mad about I told the truth? Even "My problems" I still recommended his product, did I not ????
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