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  1. I already am - The problem is, this sidebar have same name as the "standard" sidebar, where cpanel information and such is also written. So I need some kind of rule that's like If module is "CloudNS" remove sidebar, if module is xxxx keep sidebar function.
  2. Don't browse your clients confidential information when people are at your shoulder.... I really am to lazy, to "hold one button" to show the numbers behind the Asterix, so for me the current way is working quite good.
  3. I already talked with the developers, they say its not coming from them. I tried this hook here - It removes it perfectly. Except it does it on the other products as well, where I need the sidebar. <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { if (!is_null($primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Overview'))) { $primarySidebar->removeChild('Service Details Overview'); } if (!is_null($primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions'))) { $primarySidebar->removeChild('Service Details Actions'); } });
  4. Hi So I have some customers, who forgot to pay so their domains go into redemption, and there is fee added to the invoice. But, then these clients go to manually renew the domain, and by this way removing the redemption fee from the original invoice, and create a new without, and the original invoice is left unpaid with only the redemption fee remaining. What can I do to close this hole....
  5. Hi We're using CloudNS WHMCS module for DNS - But the module have a sidebar on all pages, but its basically useless. So, how can I remove a sidebar on specific pages ?
  6. Hi I need a hook, for when a domain has status "grace" reset domain sync status, so that it will be checked for new renew date everyday via domain cron sync. If renew date has changed at registrar. Update status for domain to "active" Unless domain is transferred away, it will not be synced WHMCS 8.2.1
  7. Hi i want to view all of my products sold, like in income_by_product.php, but it does not show me renewals or domains. i also wanted to display each invoice in the lower part, so the first top part is like income by product, where every product is grouped, and my lower part is to display each sold item with invoice. it is a bit of a mess atm, but hope someone can help. if you do not understand let me know :) aaalpha.php
  8. No code is unfortunately locked like everything else in this shitty WHMCS universe...
  9. I get it, support is not free. I dont offer free support as well - But really @Kian You'r modules are not cheap at all, 200 euro for having a fuc*** reply to a ticket, that is outrageous. I get it you are busy working on Leap and such. But really you charge a heavy price for your modules, and you leave customers hanging with problems. Sometimes really big problems like when you did not bother release the license when we moved hosting. And now i have this problem here, and the other one with the PDF not getting updated when changing company details. Maybe you should try and focus on giving just a biiiit of support to your modules, instead of hovering around in this community, and replying people's problems here. Maybe support your own product just a little. Have you even bothered to check your reviews in whmcs.com, i am far from the only one who dont understand your way of giving absolutely no support at all. And you'r leaving customers hanging in *........
  10. Hi I asked this to katamaze as well, but i might get a reply in 2-3 months, since all support is basicly paid, and im not about to pay 200 euro a month for having an answer. So hope anyone can reply me here When i export paid invoices to excel - The "reference" field is supposed to show the invoice number. But aparently it shows "Array" text instead. Anyone knows how i can fix this ?
  11. I think the katamaze billing plugin can solve this problem
  12. Aparently this is the standard function of WHMCS to show the monthly price
  13. Hey thanks for the reply I'm not sure which ever part it is, but could be the template yes. I asked the developers about it and waiting for a reply 🙂
  14. So, we dont have any email problems from whmcs, were not blacklisted anywhere and our mails goes to inbox without problem. Being it invoices, user creation etc etc But for Gmail, and for hotmail, the password reset emails does not go, they are directly deleted without even going to the spam folder. I know the emails are being sent, because i can find the email in the logs, and send the link directly to the client, but this is not a feasible situation, what can we do to get reset emails go to inbox also. It dosent matter what smtp we use, tried our own, tried with aws, and a few others. Its completly same.
  15. You'r a little angry aren't you ? I read the whole thread, what am i "missing" then ?
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