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  1. You are correct - Its a free dns product, all clients have, so its no need for them to see it it can't do anything anyways. So i guess i have to hide it via templating ?
  2. Hi Our clients automatically gets assigned a free DNS product, so they can use our DNS service. Is it possibel to hide this product, so its not visible for anyone in the client area when active ?
  3. I get this error when trying to use the search. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this ?
  4. Hi brian And thanks for your reply I know its not random, its based on ID, and i know the reason behind the 50 limit. But my registrar is not limiting my API calls. And i have like 600 domains, that i have renewed that needs the date updated, else they will go into grace tomorrow. I found this post https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/make-domain-sync-cron-work-in-smaller-then-1-hour-increments-or-allow-syncing-more-than-50-domains but unfortunately the hook is not included 😞
  5. Would love to see some demos, tried browsing your website but unfortunately its kind a mess navigating 😞
  6. Hi around 1000 of my clients are renewing domain this month, the thing is. i dont have "enough credit" at my registrar to run all these domains at the same time. So most will "fail" the renewal until i top op at the registrar. The thing is, after i topped op i click the button "retry all" and it works. Buuuut, then whmcs is not updating the date for the domain, before domain sync has run. And that can take 4-5 days before it comes to these domains i just renewed, and that means even after they have been renewed, some will go to grace because whmcs have not read the new date. Can i somehow force domain sync, to run through ALL domains, and not just a random bunch of 50 at a time ?1
  7. Hi So i using Cloudns for all my DNS, but the plugin have no language strings, they are all static English. I have tried consulting the manual, and the existing language files and such. But i cannot "figure out" how it works. Can somebody explain to me a little how these language strings work, and how do i build a new one so i can add the text to the translations files ?
  8. Hi I would like to offer new and existing clients the possibility to get a free hosting package when they buy a domain. I see the option to do the opposite, but thats really not what i need.
  9. Hi WHMCS I have some customers, that are using monthly and quarterly payments. But i want to change that now, so we only have yearly payments. So my questions is, what happens if i delete the monthly and quarterly payment options.
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