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  1. Basic auth have been disabled by microsoft so no unfortunately not, i need newer login methods that are supported, latest whmcs supports it. But i dont want to upgrade and start paying whmcs monthly for my license "just" to get that 🙂
  2. Hi I have an owned license of WHMCS 8.2.1, unfortunately "without" the possibility to use the newer login methods for exchange online. And i really dont want to start paying WHMCS for a monthly license that runs me about $50 per month for "only this feature" And WHMCS haven't made any new features since V8.2.1 that is worth paying for. Rather useless i must say since they are now up to V 8.6 i guess ? And since basic auth have been disabled from Microsofts side, its impossible for me to use exchange online. So my question is, is there any way newer login methods can be enabled for WHMCS -> Exchange online, via a module? or is it just hopeless ?
  3. Ufh, nothing really exists for that, that is actually good. Katamaze.com have their CMS plugin that offers some SEO features, but i have been really unlucky with one of his other plugins so i dont have the balls to actually test the CMS plugin. The latest version of Lagom2 template, have SEO features and support for hreflang. I would suggest going with this.
  4. If you have the proper funds for it, we can do it. But we are based in EU so the price reflects that, but so do the quality of the code and the support after. So send a PM if interested
  5. If you already have an owned license, you need to find the version 8.2.1, thats the latest version you can use with owned licenses. Whmcs changed their billing structure and removed all owned licenses for newer versions.
  6. +1 for this plugin, i use it and it works as expected.
  7. V.8.1.3 is a quite old version of WHMCS. Unless its a setup you have used for long time and the problem is new, then the best solution might be to update to latest.
  8. Trying to use the PDF archiving from the billing extension. All looks good from first sight. Except, all created PDF files are 0 bytes, and contains no data. In the WHMCS logs it says "xxxx pdf files created successfully" I have tested via active and passive ftp. I tried via several different admin users with various permission, but nothing seems to work.
  9. Get yourself an VPS at Hetzner, or dedicated... Then use runcloud.io as hosting panel. The setup could not be more easy than this, and you have full control yourself to manage hosting settings.
  10. So im using this module, and it works, its okay and delivers what promised. Only thing thats a bit annoying is, first of all the language file was encoded, they did provide an unencoded language file when asked for it. And somehow even i pay this yearly, i was not able to DL the latest version, had to ask for this as well. So it gives what is promised and the support team is acting ok fast on what "should be normal" but isen't. I give 3.5 stars out of 5, would have been 5 if i had not needed to write twice to get what was expected 🙂
  11. Why not just use the BCC field? I do it that way and it works quite nicely.
  12. Hi Is it just me or is there no way to translate "Group features" ?
  13. Or make a deal with WHMCS team to fix the security bugs in our versions, via some paid support deal. Most likely WHMCS would be willing to do this, because they halfly already ruined their name with what they have done the last few years, and ruining perfectly good hosting companies by not offering security fixes would make a bad situation even worse for them. Or we simply just remove the encoding on the files, and fix the bugs ourself. Ioncube has been broken for a long time now, and its a waste of time encoding any files. The encoding can be removed very cheaply by online services, and yes also WHMCS they just added some extra security checks in their source, so a direct 1=1 decoding of whmcs does not work, but you can replace quite a bit of the original encoded files, with decoded files before whmcs starts spitting errors out.
  14. I figured it out, prorate was enabled somehow for these products, disabling that did the trick.
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