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  1. Yes, just check what is being blocked, and change the filter to exclude those things. https://www.interserver.net/tips/kb/disable-modsecurity-rule-for-cpanel-user/?__cf_chl_f_tk=j9yPis6l0TEhoy2P2LetwF5r8IZNFH4c1l5kdaSjJYU-1642252757-0-gaNycGzNB5E
  2. Just so we are on the same page - I never in any way stated that I think you are a bad developer. On the contrary that I do now that you definitely are not. If that somehow could be extracted from my posts, that is not intentionally and not what I was trying to say, English is not my first language - I only have/had one problem with how I perceive the way you run your business. I actually do have a team of 10 Pakistani developers full time that work for me, some stolen from the US military, so they know what they are doing. But they are not that used to WHMCS, but they could be in a month or two, if I dedicated my money towards it, which I haven't had the need for so far except when shi* started hitting my fan so they could save me. I completely understand what it is you are saying, and I do agree with most of it, and I should have used another wording for my posts. But I also do run a hosting company, where I am hosting 85% of a whole country. That is everything from government, military, police, banking, down to the smallest guy having a simple WP site - I cannot in any way be down which I was. I cannot make mistakes where my invoice numbers suddenly screws up, I cannot make mistakes where company name suddenly dont show up in invoices correctly. I take my job very very very serious and simple mistakes can costs me a fortune in lost revenue ( I can prove everything in PM, but im not interested in showing the world who I am ) which all of these things unfortunately happened to me. And who else than the developer could I have tried to go to to get help. The module is encoded. My biggest frustration was the waiting time, where i was being left alone with my problems, and had to figure them out by myself when I expected that there would be some sort of support for what I bought, we both live in EU, we do have some expectations to what we buy. All while literally all of my clients was on the phone asking what was going on, and all this really stressed me out big time, because I felt kidnapped between that the module is encoded, I cannot fix anything by myself, and the complete silence from your end, and in all my years of business, I have never ignored any support requests, 98% of our tickets have a reply within 3 minutes. I hope it sheds a bit of light on how I perceived the things, and please do not think, that I in any way think you are a bad developer at all, and I do not hate you, I still recommended your CMS plugin in another posts yesterday.
  3. That is correct, but "dreamweaver" sends a signal, that this guy might not be the best developer, or have much experience experience in coding. And then to start editing the template files, is a big step compared to wysiwyg editors. Nothing against dreamweaver, Its purely based on that editing WHMCS Template files aint that easy if you haven't written much code before.
  4. lol wut ??? I tried helping the guy out who seems NOT to be a developer since he use dreamweaver, and you want him to start editing the template files with dreamweaver, maybe you are still a bit mad about I told the truth? Even "My problems" I still recommended his product, did I not ????
  5. Katamaze.com have a CMS plugin for WHMCS, I think you can build it "easily" with this without coding. Dont expect any support from developer though. And research properly before buying because im unsure if it can do 100% what you want.
  6. 8.2.1, and this is the final version for me, if I upgrade I have to pay WHMCS for new license, and it aint gonna happen.
  7. Unless you'r registrar offers month to month payment of domains, its almost impossible, unless you renew the domains "early" / "late" so the dates matches, but you most likely will end up either with a deleted domain, or a domain that have 1 year + 123 days before its due again.
  8. I am not backtracking, the only thing I said is that okay maybe I exaggerated on that he's doing the same business style as WHMCS. The rest is still valid from my point of view. And just because people are not responding here in the thread does not mean, they dont agree. If you check the marketplace for the billing plugin, you would see quite a bit of people with a negative review. And if you check my previously posts, you will see that if companies give me a service that's what I expect, I make quite positive posts about it public as well. So, @Kian i am sorry I compared you to WHMCS, but I still feel you could have handled some things differently.
  9. Saying that you do exactly as WHMCS, was perhaps a bit of far stretch. Whmcs is a shi*show without borders. But I still really feel let down on the support part. Not a little, like huge let down. I really did get crazy problems with billing plugin, and I really did spend a lot of money fixing those errors again. If I did develop this module, and I gave up. I would have pulled it from the market, or open sourced it so people could fix the bugs themself. But again, its your business and you choose how to run it. I just dont agree with how its done. But if you really are done with it. Then hand it over to me, I have plenty of developers on standby that could maintain it, then we can make a deal where you get a % of each sales that goes through. Or straight up just sell the source and the resale rights to me. Your ideas in this plugin and what worked was nice, and I still need the 2 functions that your module provided me until it broke totally.
  10. I know all the work Kian has done - I am strictly talking about his way of running his company regarding the module that I bought. Just because you give anything for free, does not mean it substitute the errors I got in the paid module. Saying that he's doing exactly the same as WHMCS, was perhaps a bit of far stretch WHMCS is worse. But it still does not change that I in any way cannot follow how he's chooses to run his business regarding support on a paid module.
  11. Yada yada yada a lot of talk, but no fuc**** solutions no offence. First of all - When I bought your module, there was absolutely no messages about "we dont offer support" - How I know? Because I bought it at the time you send automated replies with "upgrade your ticket for a fee" Second - Your website, is NOT working properly in Safari. it is NOT possible to change the language, to English. How do I know? I fought several battles, trying to read and understand your website, when I created my support tickets. So basically whatever message you are trying to get ahead via your website. Put it where the sun dont shine, because its only visible in italien, and clearly I cannot read that.. Try and understand my problem then. I bought your plugin, I did not ask for simple support, or installation help. I actually used your plugin for like 8 months, before having any problems. And what was my problems??? Clearly bugs in your code. Missing information. Reports giving errors "whoops cannot open this page" Impossible to change company information a "special" function in your plugin. Client pages showing wrong information, transactions page not working properly And even, when I disabled your module, after all these problems. This ontop of all, broke my whole fucking site... So I have spent ALOT of money trying to fix all these problems I got after I paid you 150 euro. So try and see it from your customers point of view. I got a product that worked for some things. And others it broke my site really badly, and when I tried removing your plugin, * got x10 times worse So yes, I definitely know that WHMCS is totally expensive to work with. Again, how I know ? Well I spent shitloads of money restoring my site after "billing extension" was installed. And I know that billing extension is a super complicated module, that fixed a lot of WHMCS's mistakes. But again, no it does not because its not working properly. So all your talk about, "read the manual" Bla bla bla, how many times do you think I have read your manual, trying to sort out my problems........ Yeah, who pays me this money for my wasted time????? Who pays me for the wasted time I spent trying to actually get some help from you, with what clearly is bugs, and not "operator faults" ..... Exactly So this is really really simple. You sold me a product, that does not work properly. I tried several times, to reach you via your site, to no avail. I tried posting here in whmcs.community, to no avail the public posts are here still, did you in any way provide any updates or solutions for my last post? Nope..... Who is to blame for these public posts ? Definitely not me, of course I would never recommend anyone your module after all the problems I've had.... So again, it is really simple. Unless you get $$$$$$$$$ you aint fixing *, you aint helping *. You are not doing anything to help those that actually bought your module. You are doing exactly what WHMCS is doing, pointing towards the big money, and giving a * about those small people that keeps using your product (Which finally after long time and lots of money, I am not using your product anymore, even though if it actually had working properly I would have renewed my license, because I need some of the functions your module provides.) So, say what you want to say. This is the truth about how my business was with your company. And as you might have guessed, im not super happy.....................
  12. Im using 2 registrars, one is custom other is hexonet.
  13. Yeah because paying 400 euro per month for support is a feasible option (which is what he wants) the plugin should work from the start which it does not.......
  14. Yeeeeah no he dosent do that either, he never replies on any tickets. He dont care anymore about his product..
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