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When "Use Clients Details" unticked, how I know?

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3 hours ago, Nelson Neoh said:

Wonder I can only check the config through Carbon?

not through Carbon, that's only for dates. 📅

if it's a configuration value, then it's value should be stored in the tblconfiguration database table - specifically the RegistrarAdminUseClientDetails setting.

the three usual ways to get the value would be a capsule query to the table, or using the Config class...

use WHMCS\Config\Setting;

... and then in the function...

$clientdetails = Setting::getValue('RegistrarAdminUseClientDetails');

in v8, if the feature is enabled, it's value should be "on"; if not, it should be empty.... for earlier versions (if relevant), you might need to check what the values should be... often "off" or "0" was used.

the third way, would be to global declare $CONFIG and then access the relevant value in it's array - haven't tried it in ages, but assume it would still work.

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Wow!  Thanks @brian! for the detail response.

It is always be good to have you here!


Btw, I am still wondering, what will happens if Admin cliecked on this option?

Really didn't notice what will be made by the registrar module.  I am guessing the option will only provide a option which required registrar module to handle the contact details as per choosen by the admin...  And as always, the poor WHMCS documentation never mention about this at all... sigh.

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1 hour ago, Nelson Neoh said:

Btw, I am still wondering, what will happens if Admin clicked on this option?



Default Contact Details

Specify which details will be displayed in the whois database for domains registered through WHMCS upon initial registration (registrar module permitting).

The client's details will always be used as the registrant contact, ticking Use Clients Details will use their details for all other contacts.

But by unticking this option and entering your details in the fields beneath these will be used as the Billing, Admin and Technical contacts instead.

Clients will be able to change this via their client area later.

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