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When we create a new hosting, we have this error on WHMCS :

CreateAccount Fault: (Code: -999, Message: Fault: An unknown error occured (Code: -999). Please reference SolidCP BusinessErrorCodes for further information

I have checked the error codes list, but -999 is not referenced

SolidCP is in 1.4.2 (we will update in 1.4.7 when it will be available)

Thanks in advance.

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6 minutes ago, Magicklug said:

I have checked the error codes list, but -999 is not referenced



#Generic Error Codes


I assume this is your thread below...?


I think the developer of the module will still be your best bet for solving this - and it seems v1.4.7 is now available.

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3 hours ago, Magicklug said:

Yes, but I got nothing from that community, and until now until I realize I forgot about this issue, that I posted it here. I sent another inquiry with the dev, still got no answer from them.

it might be worth opening a ticket with WHMCS Support - they might not touch it as it's a third-party issue (I assume), but on the other hand, they may have come across it before and at least be able to give you more of a clue as to what the issue could be.

the problem with this place, and expecting a reply to a question like yours, is that they would need to a) come across this thread, b) be using, or have knowledge of, SolidCP, c) have experienced or be aware of the specific issue and d) know the solution.... I don't think a lot of users visiting here will even read the thread, so would not get past step a).

however,  nothing ventured, nothing gained. 🙂

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