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domainregister.tpl - add company country tax (gross price)


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that worked in my old domainregister.tpl

<span class="pricing">{math equation="netprice + netprice * percentage / 100" netprice=$tldpricing.{$tld->tld}.register|replace:' EUR':'' percentage=17 format="%.2f"}</span>

it seems variable for $tldpricing is no longer compatible w/ 8.1

any idea what variable works in v 8 standard-card?

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you shouldn't need to use math equation in Smarty3 - once you make it a number, you should be able to perform calculations on it directly... e.g in the pricing table...


.... would take the registration price for a TLD, multiply it by 1.17 (add 17%) and set it to 2 decimal places... I supposed you might then need to add the currency prefix/suffix vack to the output.

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2 hours ago, cluster said:

it seems $price.register variable are ignored in .tpl file

it was taken from the v8.1 version of standard_cart/domainregister.tpl, so it definitely works if you're inside the pricing table loop.

2 hours ago, cluster said:

no output, I use own pricing - not connected to an external provider

you mean pricing within WHMCS? so does the above page... the problem I had was I didn't recognise where <span class="pricing"> is used (because it's not in v8.1 - or 8 or v7.10 I think - so I wasn't sure how far you were going back or whether you were talking about the pricing table, or when it returns a price after a search?

just checked and $tldpricing doesn't exist... perhaps open a {debug} in the template to see what's available.

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ok, if I replace the <span class="price"> part with:


it shows the price as 0.00

could this be caused when two  currencies are activated?

I use EUR as main currency & suffix second currency is $ but only used in whmcs backend for marketplace, in my frontend only EUR is shown.

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11 minutes ago, brian! said:

are we in the pricing table?

both, in search result part &  suggestions part

<div id="DomainSearchResults" class="w-hidden">
<p class="domain-price">
<span class="price">{((current($pricing.register)))}</span>
                            <button class="btn btn-primary btn-add-to-cart" data-whois="0" data-domain="">
                                <span class="to-add">{$LANG.addtocart}</span>
                                <span class="loading">
<div id="domainSuggestions" class="domain-lookup-result list-group w-hidden">
<span class="price">{(((current($pricing.register)|replace:',':'.')*1.17)|number_format:2)}</span>
                                <button type="button" class="btn btn-add-to-cart" data-whois="1" data-domain="">
                                    <span class="to-add">{$LANG.addtocart}</span>
                                    <span class="loading">
                                        <i class="fas fa-spinner fa-spin"></i> {lang key='loading'}


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can it be added into the jQuery part from scripts.js?

            // primary lookup handler
            lookup.done(function (data) {
                jQuery.each(data.result, function(index, domain) {
                    var pricing = null,
                        result = jQuery('#primaryLookupResult'),
                        available = result.find('.domain-available'),
                        availablePrice = result.find('.domain-price'),
                        unavailable = result.find('.domain-unavailable'),
                        invalid= result.find('.domain-invalid'),
                        contactSupport = result.find('.domain-contact-support'),
                        resultDomain = jQuery('#resultDomain'),
                        resultDomainPricing = jQuery('#resultDomainPricingTerm'),
                        error = result.find('.domain-error');
                    if (typeof domain !== 'string' && !domain.error && domain.isValidDomain) {
                        pricing = domain.pricing;
                        if (domain.isAvailable && typeof pricing !== 'string') {
                            if (domain.domainName !== domain.idnDomainName && idnLanguage.not(':visible')) {
                            if (domain.preferredTLDNotAvailable) {


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