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  1. how can I set the min. length f.ex. to 3 for all my domain names? I tried a wildcard entry, but that does not seem to work .... $DomainMinLengthRestrictions[".*"] = 3;
  2. cluster

    IPN does not work anymore

    strange ... after an PHP update (debian 9) it start working again!
  3. cluster

    IPN does not work anymore

    seems to be a bug or paypal changed something ... I have also replaced viewinvoice.tpl with a new one, same result IPN Handshake invalid
  4. cluster

    IPN does not work anymore

    and now the gateway log shows: IPN Handshake Invalid and yes, paypal & whmcs ist set to utf-8 encoding
  5. cluster

    IPN does not work anymore

    some more details from apache log, seems to be ok [14/Sep/2018:10:44:27 +0200] "POST /clients/viewinvoice.php?id=5938&paymentsuccess=true HTTP/1.1" 200 2530 "https://www.paypal.com/webapps/hermes?flow=1-P&ulReturn=true&country.x=LU&hermesLoginRedirect=xoon&locale.x=en_LU&mfid=1536914570856_1655fa243c80b&rm=2&token=xxxx&useraction=commit&country.x=LU&locale.x=en_US" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/69.0.3497.92 Safari/537.36"
  6. WHMCS 7.4.3 PHP 7.0 since 2 days my paypal IPN does not work anymore ... I did not change anything Billing Gateway Transaction Log is empty, nothing was stored during my test orders, just received payment notification from paypal a few other entrys shows Result > IPN Handshake Invalid my Paypal IPN notify URL: https://www.mydomain.tld/clients/ Paypal email notification: Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing: https://www.mydomain.tld/clients/modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php Paypal return URL is not activated yet, only IPN should I activate the return url? ### edit ### https://www.mydomain.tld/clients/modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php shows: HTTP ERROR 406 any idea?
  7. I'm looking for a DNS module for Digitalocean DNS (API). Unfortunately, I can not use Modulesgarden DNS manager because of some things that do not suit w/ my requirements. - DNS zone entries for Admin and Clients - edit & delete entries for admin and clients - assignment of customers also w/ external domain names - allocation of servers for hosting, VPS, dedicated etc. - bulk update of all assigned IP addresses when a server IP changes
  8. I have a problem with a redirect (dns module) in my client area ... friendly index.php is enabled and when I enter the module link the page is shown for 1 sec. and redirects to the root (main website). this happens even if I disable the htaccess ... How can I allow these URLs? https://www.mydomain.tld/clients/index.php?m=linodedns&action=(.*) everything else works in the admin area ... only the client area makes trouble ... unfortunately, the developer does not report anymore but I think it's probably due to the friendly index.php settings DNS module: https://github.com/srpurdy/WHMCS-Linode-DNS-Addon
  9. cloudflare WHMCS Module (v1.3.5) any chance to get it work with WHMCS v 7.4 ?
  10. thanks! I have removed following two lines and it seems to work ;-) <input type='submit' name='auth' value='Login to Control Panel'/> <input type='submit' name='novnc' value='Open noVNC client'/>
  11. I would like to remove or hide the two buttons below from the ClientArea productdetails, is that possible? Login to ControlPanel open noVNC Client I use the VMmanager module https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3202
  12. cluster

    include cookie bar

    yes, also the css part is now placed into the footer.tpl ... this cookie bar is now the last part of the nightmare terrorism of the EU website regulations!!!
  13. cluster

    include cookie bar

    Now I've been working for about 3 weeks on this EU cr*p ... such a waste of time ;-)
  14. cluster

    include cookie bar

    now it works, just the css needs to be adjusted ... Curly braces {} are the default delimiters in Smarty. If you don't want curly braces interpreted as Smarty tags, you must enclose them in {literal}{/literal} tags. {literal} <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ jQuery(document).ready(function() { cli_show_cookiebar({ settings: '{"animate_speed_hide":"500","animate_speed_show":"500","background":"#444444","border":"#ffffff","border_on":true,"button_1_button_colour":"#dd8808","button_1_button_hover":"#b16d06","button_1_link_colour":"#fff","button_1_as_button":true,"button_2_button_colour":"#333","button_2_button_hover":"#292929","button_2_link_colour":"#ffffff","button_2_as_button":false,"button_3_button_colour":"#000","button_3_button_hover":"#000000","button_3_link_colour":"#fff","button_3_as_button":true,"font_family":"inherit","header_fix":false,"notify_animate_hide":false,"notify_animate_show":false,"notify_div_id":"#cookie-law-info-bar","notify_position_horizontal":"right","notify_position_vertical":"bottom","scroll_close":false,"scroll_close_reload":false,"showagain_tab":false,"showagain_background":"#fff","showagain_border":"#000","showagain_div_id":"#cookie-law-info-again","showagain_x_position":"100px","text":"#ffffff","show_once_yn":false,"show_once":"10000"}' }); }); //]]> </script> {/literal}
  15. cluster

    include cookie bar

    hi Brian, it seems to be a problem with the brackets used for the parameters, it works w/o the parameter part like: <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ jQuery(document).ready(function() { cli_show_cookiebar({ }); }); //]]> </script> I also tried to replace w/ parentheses but the function does not work after that "{" to "(" <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ jQuery(document).ready(function() { cli_show_cookiebar({ settings: '("animate_speed_hide":"500","animate_speed_show":"500","background":"#444444","border":"#ffffff","border_on":true,"button_1_button_colour":"#dd8808","button_1_button_hover":"#b16d06","button_1_link_colour":"#fff","button_1_as_button":true,"button_2_button_colour":"#333","button_2_button_hover":"#292929","button_2_link_colour":"#ffffff","button_2_as_button":false,"button_3_button_colour":"#000","button_3_button_hover":"#000000","button_3_link_colour":"#fff","button_3_as_button":true,"font_family":"inherit","header_fix":false,"notify_animate_hide":false,"notify_animate_show":false,"notify_div_id":"#cookie-law-info-bar","notify_position_horizontal":"right","notify_position_vertical":"bottom","scroll_close":false,"scroll_close_reload":false,"showagain_tab":false,"showagain_background":"#fff","showagain_border":"#000","showagain_div_id":"#cookie-law-info-again","showagain_x_position":"100px","text":"#ffffff","show_once_yn":false,"show_once":"10000")' }); }); //]]> </script> I worked for 3 days w/ the WP bar integration because of above the fold problems with the scripts and design ... so now I would like to use this cookie bar in whmcs too ;-)

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