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Affiliate program payout


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Hi all,

I have gone through all of the WHMCS guides and information about the affiliate program but I am confused on how to actually hand over the money to the other person. I know that you can give them credit on their account but to send it to their PayPal I have to login to PayPal and manually make a payment to their PayPal email address? I cannot seem to find a way through WHMCS or any posts about it. 

So the process would be for them to make a withdrawal request, then to create an invoice in WHMCS showing the withdrawal (for records) and amount taken out then log into PayPal and create a transaction with the amount they want and send it to their email provided? Is this correct?

If anyone knows any good modules that aren't well known please let me know. 


Kind Regards,

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16 hours ago, nathphotographs said:

I have to login to PayPal and manually make a payment to their PayPal email address?


As for invoicing part, WHMCS can't handle payouts. You should issue a credit note (rules vary from country to country) this billing concept (and many more) is missing in WHMCS. There are third-party modules that allows to handle commissions and payouts in the right way. You can find them in Marketplace.

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Yes, you need to make payments manually. WHMCS is not an accounting system, it's only to receive sales, as such it will not handle payments out or expenses. An affiliate payment regardless if it's  done with PayPal or another method is still an expense since you are giving money out, even if you just give them a credit and not actual money, it has to be recorded as such. As Kian said, this is different depending on your country and how its accounted.

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