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Better approach to encrypt a personal small module

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Hello there

I have a simple module (script .php file) and I am looking a way to restrict\limit it access by my authorization only. I have heard that ioncube can encrypt file, but I guess it only obfuscate other to not see code it self, but not restrict it uses against authorization. There is a WHMCS license addon, but as I do not intend to sell this module online, it looks to much hard job for that purpose...

So let me explain in more details:

- I have a payment gateway module (2 files in php) and there is a managed partners hosting account under our company managements that as a partner we could allow ("rent") they to use our module while they have a package WHMCS system with us. So module belongs to us which is a added value these days for online payment , and I would like to have control on it...I could just upload encrypted module to my partner environment, but would be better if I found a way to in case If do not want Partner to use a module to lock it (lets say a partner decide go away and keep my module even encrypt to use it).

Should I use license addon for that purpose or there is a easy way to achieve that.

My other idea would be if a module prompt for a password on first installation, where this partner would not know that password...

When I start thinking on License addon I get sick😰


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WHMCS Licensing Addon implements what ionCube already offers. You can create scripts that expire after X minutes, hours, days or on a specific date. Then we have server restrictions (eg. hello.php can run only on google.com). Click to enlarge.


That said, the solution that suits your needs best IMO is WHMCS Licensing Addon. It does  exactly what you need but be prepared to face a lot of problems.


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Thanks @Kian

Sounds that WHMCS License  Addon   would be best choice, but  it scares me when   I think   I would  get it up working  alone.

they    are advertising  that there is an optin   to copy and paste to make it works...Perhaps   in my case it could be more simple    as   I do not need   a beauthiful module...I only want   to encrypt   2 files and updload it on    desired   cpanel account.

I also found a docs here https://docs.whmcs.com/Licensing_Addon to learn more...

I will try it , if it  gets to complicated to   get it working...will look a developer.


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