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How to? Hook that prevents emails to be sent based on client group

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Hello there

Wile waiting for a third module setting up, I am looking if any hook can do this workaround and can get me closer.

I want to create new client group (ex. named IT2020), and have a hook that prevents 3 things:

1   - image.png.25e3e96d0f69e52771b65db0f248ec30.png(prevent that message to sent out, even if I forgot to un-tick it)

2   -  image.png.f245fa4b6a2319c51f36f847e8fe56eb.png       (Auto disallow single sign-on, even if it get tick)

3  -   image.png.7a9b0765ad15f734df88f13306185bc4.png  (Auto disallow Marketing email even if it get tick)

Actually I do not know if even hook can abort those specific action at ounce based on client group 😷

PS: hook should work based on client group IT2020.

thank you!

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use WHMCS\Database\Capsule;

add_hook('EmailPreSend', 1, function($vars)
    $disallowedGroupID = '1'; // Insert Client Group ID
    $emailTemplates = array('Automated Password Reset', 'Password Reset Validation', 'Password Reset Confirmation'); // Email Templates to block

    if (in_array($vars['messagename'], $emailTemplates))
        if (!Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT id FROM tblclients WHERE id = "' . $vars['relid'] . '" AND groupid = "' . $groupid . '" LIMIT 1')))
            $output['abortsend'] = true;
            return $output;

This will block any email template you want but at the moment I can't remember how to block Marketing & Sign-On emails.

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