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How to have WHMCS working on 2 domain .com and .fr

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Hello there

I was wondering how I can have my production installation working on 2 domain...to improve my SEO...So on each WHMCS I would delete all others languages.

.com will leave client area with only english (delete all others)
.fr will have only french language on client area (delete all others)

In my mind it will require:

 - 2 cpanel,
 - 2 whmcs license

I can not see how it would integrate those 2 admin in only one..

This ideia looks not good.
There is any module out there doing this, avoiding this crazy idea of having 2 installations on same time, duplicating everything.



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Nah, you don't need 2x cPanel and WHMCS.

Begin by pointing both domains to your server IP with record A. This way you can reach WHMCS from .com and .fr in the same time. Lastly override current language in use depending on domain name (.com for english and .fr for french) but now comes the tricky part: logins.

When a customer logs to his account you have to automatically log him on all domains. The Same goes for logouts. You need to use AutoAuth and play with "invisible" redirects... well it's quite complicated to explain. I can't even understand my own code 🤣 Anyway the real problem is that «AutoAuth is deprecated as of v7.10 will be removed in v8.1. Please utilize the CreateSsoToken API which is based WHMCS Single Sign-On» The idea of re-thinking this mess with a new method makes me feel sick to my stomach.

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