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PayPal payment gateway not working

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Hey all,

Whenever I try to "checkout" with PayPal, the whole WHMCS freezes up, can't even do anything on the admin dashboard.

I've removed PayPal and added it back, but the problem persists.

Here's a video of my screen so you see what it's doing.



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4 minutes ago, asheroto said:

Just tried switching to that form and it worked,

you have to remember that Modern hasn't really been updated in years - so if you're using any recent (last few years) version of WHMCS, then you should think about migrating to using standard cart by default.

5 minutes ago, asheroto said:

however, it took a full 60 seconds to go to PayPal (our payment gateway). 

which of the PayPal gateway are you using ?

8 minutes ago, asheroto said:

I tried it a second time - same thing.  I fear users will think it's not working and click out... 

but when you use cc/dc, there is no such delay ?

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6 minutes ago, asheroto said:

I'm using the PayPal gateway on the Feature Gateways tab.

and it's setup correctly with the API details, IPN etc ??

7 minutes ago, asheroto said:

When I use CC/DC (via Stripe) it takes a long time (60 seconds or so) and then finally times out, logging me out of the admin panel too.

then i'd be inclined to think it's not a specific gateway issue and something else is the issue....

does the same thing occur when you use Six and Standard cart together ? that should rule out whether it's a template issue and I suspect if you contacted support, that's the first thing they would tell you to try.

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Yes, the PayPal gateway I chose actually links via my account (had to login).  So it's set up right.  And Stripe is right, too.

It was working before I added PayPal (a day or two ago).  Once I added that it broke!  I have contacted support.

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2 minutes ago, asheroto said:

It was working before I added PayPal (a day or two ago). Once I added that it broke! 

how strange..

1 minute ago, asheroto said:

I have contacted support.

please update the thread with their reply if they find the cause for this.

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Have a look in the hooks folder and get rid of any hooks you aren't using.

We saw a similar issue a few weeks back when any invoice action would lead to a time out and it turned out there was an old quickbooks hook trying to connect to a non-responsive API which was causing the timeout.

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