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Points system for client redemption

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We are trying to create or find a point system whereby, each month, a client is credited with a set amount of "tokens" or "credits" (not cash).  Then, various activities would redeem a certain number of credits.  We would like any unused credits to expire at the end of the billing period.  For instance, creation of a custom landing page would redeem 3 credits (equivalent to 3 hours of work).  Various requests from the client would have different credit values.

We could actually do this with the current credit system of placing a money credit on the client account but we don't want any unused amount to be applied to the monthly billing and we don't want the client to see a dollar value of credits.  We want them to see 15 tokens/credits available, order a service that redeems 3 credits, and have the credit bank reduced by this amount (manually or automatically).

To clarify, we don't charge hourly for work on a client's site.  We charge based on a credit system and currently have to track this externally from WHMCS.


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7 hours ago, PowerBoot Web Solutions said:


my first thought was an old addon, Reward Points, that awarded/charged points for specific things - but it hasn't been updated for 2+ years, has been removed from Marketplace and so I don't know if it would still work with the latest WHMCS release... in any event, it gives the user the option to convert the points to $ credits, which is something you want to avoid.

there is a 15-day free trial available from their site, but I wouldn't try it until you get confirmation from them that it still works with your installed WHMCS version.

second thought was Premium Support Tickets from MG - where users can use credits to open support tickets to specific departments.


The module will allow you to introduce different point charges for submitting messages depending on the selected department, and even the priority of a ticket. At the same time, you will be free to establish as many rules of credit application as required, deciding on the services that points shall be delivered with, and how often the points should be granted - only once or periodically, i.e. upon each product renewal. You can provide clients with either dedicated points, set out for every chosen department separately, shared points, allocated directly to the customer’s account to be used freely among all enabled departments, or both.

that's about the closest option I can think from existing addons that don't use the existing  (cash) credits system - possibly, there may be other addons in Marketplace that could work, but there haven't been too many non-cash addons created that i'm aware of.

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