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7 hours ago, parneta said:

How I can translate the Value Added Services to Spanish?

the real answer is that it depends which version of WHMCS you're using. 🙂

  • for any recent version, you should (I think) be able to do most of it using Language Overrides.
  • for older versions from a year or two ago, you'll probably have to edit the templates as they were hardcoded in English and didn't use language strings.

in the recent versions, I can see that a lot of the pages are already translated to Spanish, but weirdly not the opening page... 🙄


for example, if you wanted to translate those 3 lines, you would find them in the lang/spanish.php file...

$_LANG['store']['ssl']['landingPage']['title'] = "SSL Certificates";
$_LANG['store']['ssl']['landingPage']['tagline1'] = "Secure your site and add trust & confidence for your visitors.";
$_LANG['store']['ssl']['landingPage']['tagline2'] = "With a range of brands, we have the right certificate for all your site security needs";

you never edit any original language file, so you would create a Spanish overrides file in /lang/overrides/spanish.php and add your Spanish translations to those strings (your Spanish should be better than Google's)...

$_LANG['store']['ssl']['landingPage']['title'] = "Certificados SSL";
$_LANG['store']['ssl']['landingPage']['tagline1'] = "Asegure su sitio y agregue confianza para sus visitantes.";
$_LANG['store']['ssl']['landingPage']['tagline2'] = "Con una gama de marcas, tenemos el certificado adecuado para todas las necesidades de seguridad de su sitio.";


you just have to work your way through each of the templates, find the language string in the Spanish language file (and any other languages files you want to translate to) and adding an override..

also, be aware that there is a bug in all of the most recent language files (certainly 7.8.0 -> v7.9.2) where there is at least one duplicate entry for the same language string - but if you're overwriting these values with language overrides, then that shouldn't matter.

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