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Error: Language code is required

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I am sure you know that some domain registrars register domain name with conversion of chinese, persian, hebrew, arabic, etc characters. 

Example: سلام.com converts to 


I believe, currently .com and .net registers such domains. Now, the problem is not how WHMCS process this kind of registrations. (I will open another topic for it for not mixing things up)

When user searches for such domains, the system says it's available for registration, but in addons and nameserver step, it shows an error which I can't figure out how to debug.

Step: cart.php?a=confdomains

At first I thought the string is missing. Generally the default behaviour of whmcs is to show english strings when other language strings are missing. But in this case, there is nothing so the system shows the error: Language code is required

Screenshot is attached

I would appreciate your feedback on this. 

Thank you

Screenshot at Feb 13 16-48-27.png

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if I try to register سلامسلام.com on your site (with or without a product) and even if I make it use Six & Standard_cart, then I do see the above error message - but if I do the same on my dev (same domain, six & sc), there is no such error message.

btw - testing using six & standard_cart is always a good idea - if only to rule out that it's not an issue with the custom template.

which version of WHMCS are you using ?

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Thank you for your reply Brian.

2 hours ago, brian! said:

which version of WHMCS are you using ?

I am using the latest version of WHMCS v 7.9 

Either way I get the same error. Whether it's our template or six + standard_cart

Note: when I go to cart.php?a=view and click on checkout, the error is not pushing.

Is there any way to debug this? 


Screenshot at Feb 13 21-33-47.png

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14 minutes ago, artaweb said:

Is there any way to debug this? 

finding out whether this error message is being caused by WHMCS itself, or possibly coming from the registrar or an addon/hook, would be my first thought... it's difficult to see from afar, so you might be better off opening a ticket with Support and seeing what they have to say.

and if they solve it, you can update the thread with their solution.

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