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  1. Hello Kian, Thank you for your response. I will update this thread once I fully tested it.
  2. Hello, Thank you for your response I am unsure how to achieve this, anyone can write me the relevant hook? I don't mind paying for the development fee. Thank you
  3. Hello, We have around 9K customers. One of the greatest features of our system that attracts lots of developers is our high paid affiliate. High paid affiliate brings lots of people who want to manipulate our system for earning more. By our terms of use, our existing customers cannot be counted as a sale for an affiliate. Let me put it in a scenario, We have an existing customer who is registered with us since 2012. Today I saw he purchased a new service but using someone else's affiliate link who registered an account only for affiliate. While he is our existing customer, this makes no sense for his future purchases, someone else get the commission. Affiliate means to bring new customers and not take credit for existing customers. While I believe this is a bad function for WHMCs affiliate system, is there any way to exempt existing customers from being counted as an affiliate sale of someone else? I hope I explained it well. I would appreciate your valuable insights. Thank you
  4. Hello, Sorry for bumping this old topic. How can the bid for product bundles get excluded from this code? (cart.php?a=add&bid=2) I am making a product bundle and its getting redirected to homepage. THis is my current code: <?php add_hook("ClientAreaPage",1,function($vars){ if (!empty($_GET['cartshare'])) { return; } # Product Groups Excluded From The Redirection $excludedGroups = array(8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 6, addons, renewals); if ($vars['filename']=="cart" && in_array($_REQUEST['gid'], $excludedGroups)){ return; } if ($vars['filename']=="cart" && !isset($_REQUEST['a'])){ header("Location: index.php"); exit; } });
  5. Hi, I am trying to download this file. There is a problem with this file. Can you please attach it again?
  6. I think you are misunderstanding this topic. This topic is about closed tickets not being able to open. You probably need something like this.
  7. Hello, Does this still work in version 7+ ?
  8. Thank you for your reply. Someone already contacted me and sorted it out.
  9. Hello, I believe this question must've been asked already but I haven't found any right answer to get it working. In Domains and Products pages, by default all items regardless of its status is shown to the clients. Statuses like: Active, Canceled, Terminated, Fraud, etc. Now we know that for productivity it makes more sense to only display the active products and well, add an option (which already is there) to filter other items based on their status. We have many customers who has more than 20 services but perhaps just a few are active. For a users like them, its hard to have quick peek at their items. So they have to either search, change the status manually or use the pagination. Archiving non-active items can be a great feature for whmcs, user can archive what is not active in their account but I believe such features takes work and effort to be built. ___ I think something like showing the active item by default would be more reasonable than creating a feature for archiving. This is the piece of code in clientareaproducts.tpl for products: <ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu"> <li><a href="#"><span data-value="all">{$rslang->trans('generals.all_entries')}</span></a></li> {foreach key=num item=status from=$RSHookServicesStatuses} <li><a href="#"><span data-value="{$status.statustext}">{$status.statustext}</span></a></li> {/foreach} </ul> Pretty much the same code would apply for clientareadomains.tpl I would appreciate if you could give hint on what to do to make it possible to only show Active products by default. Regards
  10. Hello, Can anyone help me build a hook to prevent Billing Cycle Change Upon Product Upgrade? Please send your hourly or fixed charges for creating something like this. More info in this topic: https://whmcs.community/topic/299005-disable-billing-cycle-change-upon-product-upgrade
  11. Tried a few ways using the documentation to make a hook. I think I am going in the wrong direction. Can please guide me where to begin for creating a hook like this? I need to show the current billing cycle without any other options for changing the cycle upon upgrade or downgrade.
  12. is it standard to remove the codes from upgrade.tpl ? -=-=-=- NOPE -=-=-=- It just messed things up. I guess it has to be a hook to work correctly.
  13. Hello, Is it possible to disable the Billing Cycle Selecting in upgrade page? For example, if a customer wishes to upgrade/downgrade their product/service, they can only upgrade/downgrade it with the same billing cycle it currently is. Without the option of choosing other cycles. Is this possible?
  14. Thank you for your reply Brian. I am using the latest version of WHMCS v 7.9 Either way I get the same error. Whether it's our template or six + standard_cart Note: when I go to cart.php?a=view and click on checkout, the error is not pushing. Is there any way to debug this?
  15. Hello, I am sure you know that some domain registrars register domain name with conversion of chinese, persian, hebrew, arabic, etc characters. Example: سلام.com converts to xn--mgbx5cf.com I believe, currently .com and .net registers such domains. Now, the problem is not how WHMCS process this kind of registrations. (I will open another topic for it for not mixing things up) When user searches for such domains, the system says it's available for registration, but in addons and nameserver step, it shows an error which I can't figure out how to debug. Step: cart.php?a=confdomains At first I thought the string is missing. Generally the default behaviour of whmcs is to show english strings when other language strings are missing. But in this case, there is nothing so the system shows the error: Language code is required Screenshot is attached I would appreciate your feedback on this. Thank you
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