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Six template feedback/discussion


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I wanted to share some feedback/questions on the Six template.

1. A few versions back overrides.css and styles.css was merged and replaced by all.css. Both overrides.css and styles.css still exist within the Six template. Is this just to provide some fallback to old modules that may be looking for these files? If so I would imagine that modules still looking for those files would have a lot more issues and not support newer versions anyway.  it would be nice to see these removed to tidy the template.

2. Same as 1. but regarding whmcs.js which was replaced by scripts.js, is there any reason to include it?

3. In the file clientareadomaindns.tpl there is some hard coded text. It's left as hard coded as A records etc are universally known but in the case of URL Redirect for example I think some users would benefit from the ability to easily translate this text.

4.  managessl.tpl also contains hard coded text (table headings, buttons, labels etc)


1. There needs to be available variables for the MarketConnect pages. Including on/off and URLs. Right now I am using a hook to generate these but having them as part of WHMCS would be much better.

2. It would be really nice to see a template fall-back/child support in future. The ability for a template to call the parent file if missing from the child directory would reduce support related requests for both WHMCS and template providers due to outdated files. The parent template could be set in theme.yaml. 

3. Perhaps small but it would be nice to see a preview option for templates the same as used by order form templates.

4. template based language strings - the ability for templates to have their own seperate support for language strings would be a fantastic feature. E.g rather than using:



the option to use:


I know this support could be added but it would be really nice if this was a native feature.



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I've been working with style sheet for 25 years and this is the most screwed up sheet I've ever seen. Why is there multiple shades of white, blue, gray , red and other colors? I've found 8 to 10 shades of white and blue, why. This style sheet looks as if it was done by multiple people who didn't look at the code and picked colors with a point and click color selector. I also don't understand why you'd use hex, rgb and text for color? PICK 1 and stay with it, the way it's written I can't just find a color and change it I have to look for all instances of white and then figure out what it changes. 4 and 5 DIVs around a table, why... and making a change to the class in the div doesn't change the table.

on a scale of 100 I'd give this style sheet a 25 and the only style sheets I've seen that are worse is WordPress
I wish I would have looked at the style sheet code during my test, I would have had second thoughts about WHMCS.

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