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Dear I checked merchant payment sample but How can i linked my api on it..  This is the sample html which I tested 

    <form action="https://esewa.com.np/epay/main" method="POST">
    <input value="5" name="tAmt" type="hidden">
    <input value="5" name="amt" type="hidden">
    <input value="0" name="txAmt" type="hidden">
    <input value="0" name="psc" type="hidden">
    <input value="0" name="pdc" type="hidden">
    <input value="API-Here" name="scd" type="hidden">
    <input value="11235" name="pid" type="hidden">
    <input value="http://merchant.com.np/page/esewa_payment_success?q=su" type="hidden" name="su">
    <input value="http://merchant.com.np/page/esewa_payment_failed?q=fu" type="hidden" name="fu">
    <input value="Submit" type="submit">

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2 hours ago, Pradip said:


Perhaps you could share so others might benefit from the solution?

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All one can hope is one day soon you search for a difficult issue you're having, and come across a thread that has someone with the exact same issue as you have, and you think "oh boy, I can finally fix my problem". You open the thread, and it states "fixed it", and nothing more. Only then will you feel the frustration that posts like that cause. 

Glad you fixed it. 

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