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  1. This topic was solved but still gateway is not complete 😞
  2. I have setup payment gateway and payment is done after that is come back to callback page but not success paayment
  3. Dear I checked merchant payment sample but How can i linked my api on it.. This is the sample html which I tested <body> <form action="https://esewa.com.np/epay/main" method="POST"> <input value="5" name="tAmt" type="hidden"> <input value="5" name="amt" type="hidden"> <input value="0" name="txAmt" type="hidden"> <input value="0" name="psc" type="hidden"> <input value="0" name="pdc" type="hidden"> <input value="API-Here" name="scd" type="hidden"> <input value="11235" name="pid" type="hidden"> <input value="http://merchant.com.np/page/esewa_payment_success?q=su" type="hidden" name="su"> <input value="http://merchant.com.np/page/esewa_payment_failed?q=fu" type="hidden" name="fu"> <input value="Submit" type="submit"> </form> </body>
  4. Hi is there any module available which give to add in vps after that client can check that vps usage, cpu usage, HDD usage, Ram Usage, and also rebot option,
  5. {$paymentbutton|replace:'https://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/btn/x-click-but03.gif':'https://www.namastehost.com/images/paypal.png'|replace:'btn btn-success btn-sm':'button-card'|replace:'fa fa-credit-card':''|replace:'Pay Now':''}
  6. SOrry I Have done this by editing bootstrap I added new button there and change like this {$paymentbutton|replace:'https://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/btn/x-click-but03.gif':'https://www.namastehost.com/images/paypal.png'|replace:'btn btn-success btn-sm':'button-card'|replace:'fa fa-credit-card':''|replace:'Pay Now':''}
  7. That line I already changed but from that only Paypal button can replaced but I used paypal website payment Pro module so there I can not change Pay Now button as I want with image.
  8. Dear all, I'm using paypal website payment Pro as a credit card accept. but in my invoice I want to show image for card. Now its showign Pay Now so I want to replace this with image file. please guide me how it possible. please check for attached image for reference
  9. Hi, I added my country currency and country code I put NPR but it not updating according to exchange rate. and If I manually press update exchange rate also its not updating so for this what i have to do please guide me also what currency code I should put for Nepal
  10. Dear Im trying use paypal website payment pro and I have done setup also, in setting I used API Username, API password, API signature, Merchant ID, but I didn't ind Process ID and Transction PW. and after save change I check invoice there I can choose paypal pro gateway as a payment method but its start date and issue number field also extra, which is I did not see before in other website so please guide me how to setup, I have attached image also one from third party website screen shoot got from google and one my website screen shoot
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