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PayPal vs Stripe: Established WHMCS intall

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Hello everyone,

Looking for a little advice about PayPal vs Stripe.  Our company has been running WHMCS successfully for our web design and hosting service for over 2 years now and we are making a big change in management, I was debating making the switch from PayPal to Stripe at the same time.

PayPal has been fine but has the following limitations. Clients don't always understand how to pay without an account (I have a step by step gif I send out to help with this), Icannot store credit cards (which some clients ask for), and recently a clients card was denied and then shut off because we used PayPal to make the payment (Bank of America, they said this was policy).

I have worked with Stripe in other ways, but not through WHMCS. So my question is to those who have used both, are there draw backs im not thinking of or any advice for making the transition. I think it could be very helpful (recurring payments!), so am I missing anything?

Thank you in advance.

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I would not personally recommend switching from PayPal to Stripe.

Stripe is a fantastic gateway and I would argue better than PayPal in many aspects.

But PayPal is very popular, removing it as an option will have an impact on your sales.

I would recommend accepting both. That way you have a good choice for your customer's and a good fallback for your business.


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