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  1. Hello everyone, Looking for a little advice about PayPal vs Stripe. Our company has been running WHMCS successfully for our web design and hosting service for over 2 years now and we are making a big change in management, I was debating making the switch from PayPal to Stripe at the same time. PayPal has been fine but has the following limitations. Clients don't always understand how to pay without an account (I have a step by step gif I send out to help with this), Icannot store credit cards (which some clients ask for), and recently a clients card was denied and then shut off because we used PayPal to make the payment (Bank of America, they said this was policy). I have worked with Stripe in other ways, but not through WHMCS. So my question is to those who have used both, are there draw backs im not thinking of or any advice for making the transition. I think it could be very helpful (recurring payments!), so am I missing anything? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hosting NSB

    Domain Name Report

    fixed my problem by running the report as Date Paid, very nice!
  3. Hosting NSB

    Domain Name Report

    Wow thank you so much, that looks to be what I need, only thing I noticed is I saw a domain in there that got canceled but no indication, but that doesn't happen often and this hack has gotten me almost all the way there, thank you so much, you are awesome! This will be plenty fine I can bridge the small gaps myself. I cant believe they don't have this report standard. Thank you thank you thank you!
  4. Hosting NSB

    Domain Name Report

    That seemed to do it, I have to run through all the paperwork to see if it is exactly what I need but this solution is a good work around, great thinking. If you do end up making a report that would be awesome, but this should get me what I need for now, thank you so much!
  5. Hosting NSB

    Domain Name Report

    Thank you so much, I will try this now!
  6. Hosting NSB

    Domain Name Report

    Ok im running into the same sort of issue, I can output a list of domain names, but how could I do a monthly report. It's perfectly fine not to show what we pay to eNom, but I need to be able to run a report of all domains that went through the system for a certain month and how much they paid, can I do that with the domain tab? I feel like im missing something here.
  7. Hosting NSB

    Domain Name Report

    Thank you so much I will look through this now, thank you thank you!
  8. Hosting NSB

    Domain Name Report

    Good Morning Everyone, I am writing to ask if anyone has or could help me make a simple domain report. I have found ok reports for every other aspect of WHMCS but have yet to find a suitable domain report. I need something that, at bare minimum, shows the client name and what they paid for their domain (renewal, transfer, or new registration). Preferably I could include what we paid to our registrar (eNom) and include anything that has to do with domains (even if they purchase it within a package). Anyone have anything like this already made up, or know how I could set one up easily. I asked the WHMCS staff and they just pointed me to the custom reports, but even using this I cant find a way to do what I want, so even if someone could guide me in the right direction that way, that would be fine. Thank you so much!
  9. Actually yes that would probably do exactly what I need, thank you for your input!
  10. So Im not sure how to remedy this and it seems like im just missing something, heres how the flow has been when we complete work for a client that I want to bill out for, we go to that client click "Add Billable Item" select our normal website work item and fill in the appropriate data, change the (next) due date to be a month from today and then click dont invoice for now Now when we get back to the unbilled entries I tick the box next to the item and click "Invoice Now" for some reason, doing it this way makes the due date today, not the date added to the item itself, anyone know why this is happening and how I can stop it, when clicking Invoice now it gives me no options, just shoots out an invoice that is due today Thank you in advance!
  11. So Ive talked to support and they have said this is not possible at the moment other than having someone write it out in php, so if anyone is up to the task that would be amazing, hard to believe it isn't supported and that more people dont want a report like that, would be good to keep an offline copy of everything and this one report would cover it all! Thank you in advance if anyone can tackle this issue
  12. I need to run a report that shoes the following Client Name, Company, Services, Domains is it possible to do this I can find these individually (kind of) but cannot find a way to export it all nicely Boss wants a running master list of client + the services they have + the domains we do for them Thank you in advance if you can help!
  13. Ok now it looks like I need to push it up higher too, is it possible to have it swapped with the details of my company? I am trying to do it on my own now with some interesting results! - - - Updated - - - thank I will try that for the margins
  14. Ok now my office is asking if we can move it a little more in, so a margin to the right just a bit, trying to make it fit this envelope they have thousands of made, is this an easy fix? thank you so much for all you have helped with so far!
  15. Thank you so much! This worked perfectly!

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