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Issue with PayPal subscription overcharge?


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We have an issue with PayPal subscriptions. So sometimes when a client pays early the subscription still happens and charge the client twice. Could you please advise why happens?

We are getting the callbacks.

More details:

Using full PayPal API as 
Username, Password and Signiture API

The subscriptions starts with
I-xxxxxxxxxxxx So they are the new version.

We also use Cloudflare.


Please suggest how we can pin it down?


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Hi @Hannan,

PayPal subscriptions are set by the user to make automated payment for a set amount on a set recurring date directly from their PayPal account. WHMCS is just informed by PayPal that the payment has been made via the API so then the invoice is marked as paid.

If the user also makes a manual payment against this invoice then they are "paying" twice, you are not "charging" them twice (semantics - I know).

It's probably worth putting a conditional statement in your invoice emails that if there is a PayPal subscription setup, then payment will be made in accordance with their instructions:


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It is called Automated Payments, Isn't suppose to be like Credit Cards to capture the payment when WHMCS API sends a call? For example


Customer XXXX

Profile start date 14/09/2018 | Profile ID I-XXXXX

 |  | 

Payment details
Payment type	Amount due each cycle	Total cycles	Remaining cycles	Cycle frequency	Amount received
Initial Payment	€0.00 EUR	--	--	--	€0.00 EUR
Regular Recurring Payment	€8.49 EUR	Indefinite	Indefinite	Monthly	€16.98 EUR
Total €16.98 EUR
Billing details
Item name
XXXXXXX - Invoice #XXX

Next payment due

Last payment due
Indefinite - continue until canceled

Add payments that failed to next bill

This profile will be suspended after
1 failure


So an invoice which is already paid. (from credit or etc) This shouldn't be stop charged? 

Another issue related happens sometime this initiated twice in like 1 or 2 days after in each other. So the customer charges twice.


Sorry, I am not very good with this but how the other websites charge you automatically with different values at different time intervals with PayPal?

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The question is that automatic payments trigger at a specific time (eg. 16/10/2018, 16/11/2018...) but nothing can stop customers from paying a proforma few days before 16. When this happens they pay you twice.

I'm not familiar with Automated Payments but unless it's a S2S (server to server) payment gateway where your customers "give" you their credit cards, is not WHMCS that sends "give me your money" requests. It's the gateway (Automated Payments in your case) that sends you the payment.

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