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  1. Hi there, I was wondering is it possible to apply the credit the client already has into the account 4 days before the due date? We do get complaints from clients which having multiple services and they don't want it to be applied to their invoice at the creation of the invoices so they will have time to cancel their unwanted services. Could you please advise? Thanks
  2. Hi, It is called Automated Payments, Isn't suppose to be like Credit Cards to capture the payment when WHMCS API sends a call? For example Active Customer XXXX Profile start date 14/09/2018 | Profile ID I-XXXXX | | Payment details Payment type Amount due each cycle Total cycles Remaining cycles Cycle frequency Amount received Initial Payment €0.00 EUR -- -- -- €0.00 EUR Regular Recurring Payment €8.49 EUR Indefinite Indefinite Monthly €16.98 EUR Total €16.98 EUR Billing details Item name XXXXXXX - Invoice #XXX Next payment due 14/11/2018 Last payment due Indefinite - continue until canceled Add payments that failed to next bill No This profile will be suspended after 1 failure So an invoice which is already paid. (from credit or etc) This shouldn't be stop charged? Another issue related happens sometime this initiated twice in like 1 or 2 days after in each other. So the customer charges twice. Sorry, I am not very good with this but how the other websites charge you automatically with different values at different time intervals with PayPal?
  3. Hi, We have an issue with PayPal subscriptions. So sometimes when a client pays early the subscription still happens and charge the client twice. Could you please advise why happens? We are getting the callbacks. More details: Using full PayPal API as Username, Password and Signiture API The subscriptions starts with I-xxxxxxxxxxxx So they are the new version. We also use Cloudflare. Please suggest how we can pin it down? Thanks
  4. It is strange. Today after two days the email sent out!!
  5. No, nothing in Email logs. Just usual client emails!
  6. Hi, Since 2 days ago we are not getting the WHMCS Cron emails. However, as I can see the results. Suspension/termination/charges. It still does it job but not getting the email. The only thing we have touched is Apache that may affect on this. The website was going down for no reason so we had to change few things on Apache. Please advise?
  7. Hannan

    Payza issue

    The file is encoded I do not think it is possible to modify.
  8. Hannan

    Payza issue

    Hi there, Any update? Unfortunately, the gateway is codded. As it is very simple. It should just need to be from .com to .eu. Could you please update the file or place the decoded code on here so we can customize it ourself?
  9. Hi Guys, We have a number of people which have an issue with duplicate charges. Could you please advise? Here is the issue. For example, a user has an active Automatic Payment on PayPal for 25th of each month but he pays the invoice manually on the 21st following month. Now the automatic payment should bypass and not be charging the client anymore for that particular invoice as the invoice is already paid BUT it does charge the client's account. So 2 charges occur. There are no error logs which I could relate it to this duplicate charges in the Gateway logs. Could you please advise? Thanks
  10. Guys if you can send me an estimated price then it would be great. Thanks
  11. Hi there, It would be great if you can provide a quote for us. Thanks
  12. This is the closest to what we want but it does something different Thanks
  13. Hannan

    WHMCS is the worst system ever!

    I am working with WHMCS for more than 10 years and it best hosting management out there!
  14. We need a hook or a module which if someone pay with a specific gateway for the first time then after clicking on the 'Check Out' it is showing a custom page which asking for ID and documents to be uploaded and after manually confirmed or accept the payment then they can pay the invoice and use the service. So basically 1. Hook triggered when someone never paid with Credit Card before. chosen 'Stripe' Credit card gateway 2. Showing a custom message which is asking for verification (it is important . To giving the option that they can choose other gateways like PayPal or Bitcoin etc.. ) and they don't have to verify. It can go straight in. 3. Have an option somewhere to 'approve' or 'reject' the order. That's it. This is for version 1 Please provide your suggestions and your prices?! Thanks

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