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  1. Guys if you can send me an estimated price then it would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi there, It would be great if you can provide a quote for us. Thanks
  3. This is the closest to what we want but it does something different Thanks
  4. WHMCS is the worst system ever!

    I am working with WHMCS for more than 10 years and it best hosting management out there!
  5. We need a hook or a module which if someone pay with a specific gateway for the first time then after clicking on the 'Check Out' it is showing a custom page which asking for ID and documents to be uploaded and after manually confirmed or accept the payment then they can pay the invoice and use the service. So basically 1. Hook triggered when someone never paid with Credit Card before. chosen 'Stripe' Credit card gateway 2. Showing a custom message which is asking for verification (it is important . To giving the option that they can choose other gateways like PayPal or Bitcoin etc.. ) and they don't have to verify. It can go straight in. 3. Have an option somewhere to 'approve' or 'reject' the order. That's it. This is for version 1 Please provide your suggestions and your prices?! Thanks
  6. UPDATE: I have changed the order form from Modern to Standard Cart and it fixed. Just you have missed a dot in the code. So it would be <input type="text" name="hostname" class="form-control" id="inputHostname" value="{$server.hostname}" placeholder="servername.yourdomain.com" pattern="[a-zA-Z0-9.]+" oninvalid="this.setCustomValidity('Please use alphanumeric characters only')" oninput="setCustomValidity('')">
  7. Thank you guys for your prompt response. I think this would be better. Just one thing we use Modern orderform and I have changed the code from: <input type="text" name="hostname" size="15" value="{$server.hostname}" /> to <input type="text" name="hostname" size="15" value="{$server.hostname}" pattern="[a-zA-Z0-9]+" oninvalid="this.setCustomValidity('Please use alphanumeric characters only')" oninput="setCustomValidity('')" /> and some other variation. Unfortunately did not work. Sorry I am not an expert with coding. Could you please let me know what is the problem? I suspect because the template is not HTML5? and what is the solution? Thanks
  8. Hi, I will mention it here so for other users as well. I did work with it. So the client still can order and pay and get the service!! That is not very useful. I made another order on your website and I could still pay with a new card without any problem. - Work only based on certain gateway (like Stripe) - It shows the verification page to the customer when they are trying to add a new card or pay via a card. (Could be when the invoice created)
  9. Thank you, I went and created an user in the demo and paid by a credit card mentioned but never asked for any verification?!
  10. I have tried both and unfortunately, both failed! So basically I ordered then paid the invoice with the credit I had in the account. However this time it would not still change it from Admin area when clicking on 'Accept Order'. It seems it does not trigger the hook after clicking on 'Check Out' Thanks
  11. Yes, it is one of the annoying problems. Thank you very much. I did try it. Unfortunately, the order still would fail and if you try to accept it from the Admin area then it will work. Any solution so the order gets processed?
  12. Hi Guys, When a client uses a none standard hostname during an order and uses any special character or space in the hostname then is breaking our auto-provisioning module so the VPS is not creating. So we have to manually review the order and change the hostname. I was wondering how we can add a custom code to fix this issue? 1. Code to automatically removes the space and special characters. 2. Not letting the customer pass the page and gives him/her an error to fix it What do you think? Thanks
  13. Hi there, It seems this is something we are looking for. Few questions. Is this possible to just be used for first payment on a specific gateway? We just want to use this for our Credit Card gateway? Is it before they make payment? Right? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks
  14. Thank you very much. Adding a hook fixed the problem. Thanks
  15. Hi there, One thing I could not find in WHMCS is a feature for example when you forward an 'Abuse Complaint' to the client. Or any specific request you have from a client, avoid them from changing the ticket status. For example some sneaky clients they do close the ticket which we do not find out and they get away with it. Could you please help me on this? Thanks

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