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1 hour ago, Kian said:

@Jaspaert Maybe you could be interested in this project published few minutes ago in our Lab. We're going to add the possibility to issue credit notes based on invoice items.

Apart from that, Italian users may find interesting that Fatturazione Elettronica is now supported by WHMCS thanks to BX.


That would be very good !!




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Since we frequently receive tickets about Credit Notes, we decided to write Issuing Credit Notes (Italian version: Creazione note di credito) article in our documentation. We explain how to issue credit notes in the 3 possible ways that the module offers. I hope that it will be useful for new users. Apart from this, during the last 30 days we released 9 updates. We moved from version 2.1.1 to 2.1.10. There are a lot of new features and improvements that can be found in the official changelog. The most relevant changes are the following:

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Version 2.2.0 has been released. People can finally start generating Electronic Invoices (XML) for Italy using FTP nodes or the WebService included in the module. Please notice that documentation is not available in English since this feature can be used only by Italian companies.

@Remitur Talking about VIES, the frequency of automatic checks can be customized. The default option was 30 days but now this value can be changed. Lastly the module now sends email notifications to specific Admin Roles wherever Tax Exempt status changes for customers.

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Recap time. We're now at version 2.2.8. Here are the most relevant changes:

  • Invoice Sync to share invoice numering and credit note numbering across multiple installations of WHMCS (preview)
  • New Widget to monitor the "health status" of your billing platform
  • Beautified the look of Electronic Invoicing.  Here is the before/after comparison: 1, 2, 3. Nothing special but now it's better
  • Huge updates to the WebService of Electronic Invoicing. Now it also includes more data
  • VIES Exception for Greece since they use EL country code instead of GR 😪
  • It is now possible to define custom MySQL ports
  • Importing complex Snapshots because life sucks 😤
  • XML files of Electronic Invoices can be created unformatted to save up to 30% disk space
  • New auto-tag {ID} available for proformas. It can be used reduce confusion among clients when they use PayPal. In fact there could be a discrepancy between PayPal descriptions (eg. Proforma #123) and the effective number of the proforma

But the biggest change is in my signature. You can now try out our modules in seconds requesing a Live Demo.

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