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Cancel service not possible within x days

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Hi all,

I have the experience when i buy a license or a hosting package that i will be invoiced for a new year when i do not cancel the subscription before 30 days before next due date. That is a normal period of time; i have 11 months to think if i still need the service or license i bought. When i am within 30 days (for instance) from the next due date and i have a new invoice to pay i can't cancel the service and have to pay another year.

In whmcs customers have the possibility to cancel their subscription also within 30 days before next due date and the outstanding invoice will also be cancelled.

if i bought a license for a customer which i invoice to the customer from 3rd party developer that i have to pay, then a customer in whmcs can cancel the subscription and i have to pay to 3rd party dev.

Is it possible to set the cancellation options so i can set x days before due date when customers do have the option to cancel their service but not on the first due date but a year (or any period of time) later? also should cancelling their service not cancel the actual invoice.


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ultimately, you could easily do it by editing the template or using a hook - but there is an existing addon, Min Cancel Notice... though I don't know if it's v7 compatible, so you'd need to check with the developer.


This WHMCS module allows you to limit when a client may issue a cancellation request to x days before the next due date. For example you can use this to require 10 days notice for cancelling a vps and 5 days notice for cancelling a shared hosting account or set a default option for all of your services.
When a user goes to the cancellation request screen, the cancel form is not displayed and it tells them they must submit a cancel request x days before the due date of the service.
This module has been updated for WHMCS v6.


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