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  1. Hi all, I have the experience when i buy a license or a hosting package that i will be invoiced for a new year when i do not cancel the subscription before 30 days before next due date. That is a normal period of time; i have 11 months to think if i still need the service or license i bought. When i am within 30 days (for instance) from the next due date and i have a new invoice to pay i can't cancel the service and have to pay another year. In whmcs customers have the possibility to cancel their subscription also within 30 days before next due date and the outstanding invoice will also be cancelled. if i bought a license for a customer which i invoice to the customer from 3rd party developer that i have to pay, then a customer in whmcs can cancel the subscription and i have to pay to 3rd party dev. Is it possible to set the cancellation options so i can set x days before due date when customers do have the option to cancel their service but not on the first due date but a year (or any period of time) later? also should cancelling their service not cancel the actual invoice.
  2. Updated using the updater: Wanted to accept and then this: The requested URL /admin/eula-accept was not found on this server. 😠 can't get into the admin
  3. Hi all, Is it possible to block cancellations within x days when invoice already is generated and active? I would like to have the situation that customers can cancel their service up to 30 days before renewaldate, when the period of 30 days is active and the renewal invoice is created customers can cancel after the next period has expired. Now people can cancel their services (hosting/domains) when invoice already has been generated and that is not what i want. I have set reminders and warnings far before generating the next invoice.
  4. did not try that one yet, hoped that this maybe a standard function to allow or disallow from admin panel
  5. any solution for this? very irritating that you must use VAT in dutch instead of BTW
  6. Well, It seems to me that in the new version 6 this can be a simple option for the owner. Most companies do not have this. You can ticket email or call them and then you get in some kind of process where you can get the EPP code. why isn't this properly embedded?
  7. Will this mod work when going to WHMCS version 6 this year?
  8. thanks for your answer! i uploaded the newer version and it seems that it is different from the version i had hopefully this is solved now!
  9. hi all, the VAT addon for EU countries does not work, customers from inside the netherlands (where i am also) fill in their tax number but every time it fails. is there some workaround available or at least an updated version? this on is from 2011 seems lika ages ago...
  10. yes, by standard setting in whmcs the domains renew itself from within whmcs, so when someone doesn't want a domain being renewed they can select that option in the domain settings in their own dashboard in whmcs. some people just forget to pay the bill before the domain expires, they want to keep the domain so it renewes itself. when the customer pays the renewal bill for that domain whmcs sents another renewal to the registrar. this is not correct because whmcs should recognise the invoice for the renewed domain, check if it allready renewed itself and then mark as paid comment from whmcs was that my provider uses automatic renewal but if i not use that setting the domain will expire and all of the services like website and mail will stop functioning, i can't have that because customers would go away for sure so what is this about?
  11. maybe i am doing the wrong thing but this is the situation: client has domains domains renew automatically before a domain renews whmcs creates an invoice for the renewal AFTER the domain did renew itself the customer pays the invoice for the renewal of that domain the client pays by automatic payment which is recognised by whmcs now the very wrong thing: the domain which is renewed and paid for by the registrar (NOT in whmcs) is renewed AGAIN by whmcs this is really stupid because whmcs should recognise the invoice for the renewal and if that invoice is paid AFTER the automatic renewal of the domain the domain should NOT be renewed AGAIN this is the same situation when you manually mark an invoice for domain renewal in whmcs, every time i have to check if the domain allready has been renewed or not this is very frustrating is this some setting somewhere? i know the automatic renewal setting but that isn't enough because of what i did write in this message.
  12. Well developers, is this going to be implemented in WHMCS?
  13. well, found the solution here: http://forums.whmcs.com/showthread.php?91575-Case-4851-Fatal-Error-when-using-Google-reCaptcha this is something that you don't want to be found in a forum but in a direct mail to customers, many people use the recaptcha so many people may have this problem. allright, solved.. next please
  14. hi all, i have the problem that the domainchecker.php isn't working anymore, what is this all about? when i want to check a domain i get a white page
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