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David Duarte

Notifications customization

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Hello there,

On V 7.6 we now have the notifications NEW string ready for translation.

Before having this option available, we decided to replace the text NEW by the number of notifications, as we think this can easily attract the user attention.

On this minimalistic version, if the user don't have any notification the div is not displayed, we only show what needs to be shown 😉

Feel free to use it.

     {if count($clientAlerts) > 0}
     <div class="notifications">
                    <a href="#" data-toggle="popover" id="accountNotifications" data-placement="bottom">
                        <span class="label label-info">{count($clientAlerts)}</span>
                        <b class="caret"></b>
                    <div id="accountNotificationsContent" class="hidden">
                        <ul class="client-alerts">
                        {foreach $clientAlerts as $alert}
                                <a href="{$alert->getLink()}">
                                    <i class="fas fa-fw fa-{if $alert->getSeverity() == 'danger'}exclamation-circle{elseif $alert->getSeverity() == 'warning'}exclamation-triangle{elseif $alert->getSeverity() == 'info'}info-circle{else}check-circle{/if}"></i>
                                    <div class="message">{$alert->getMessage()}</div>
                            <li class="none">
                </li></div>{else}<br /><br />{/if}

Best regards,

David Duarte




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Wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Even small changes like this can make a bit difference in GUI design for users.

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Good idea... I'm taking it. 😀

For anyone else willing to go straight to it:

The file is in templates/{yourtheme}/header.tpl

Search this line:

<span class="label label-info">{lang key='notificationsnew'}</span>

And replace it with:

<span class="label label-info">{count($clientAlerts)}</span>


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