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  1. agarzon

    Notifications customization

    Good idea... I'm taking it. 😀 For anyone else willing to go straight to it: The file is in templates/{yourtheme}/header.tpl Search this line: <span class="label label-info">{lang key='notificationsnew'}</span> And replace it with: <span class="label label-info">{count($clientAlerts)}</span>
  2. Did you notice that WHCMS deleted the admin/todolist.php file in the latest 7.5.1 ? Is not my code. You can see it your-self, just download the 7.5.1 full and you will see the file is not there anymore. I can detect those mistakes because I track all the changes between versions with my own git repository. Not so hard actually. git log --diff-filter=D --summary Nice job devs.
  3. I created a folder in /home/whmcs-tmp with 777 and owner same as webserver (www-data) And still getting the same error: Warning You will not be able to perform an update until a path is set. PHP 5.6 as FPM with NGINX.
  4. agarzon

    WHMCS 6 email verification

    Agreed. Email verification builtin on WHMCS is 100% useless, I thought will help me to prevent fake accounts creations and hard bounces (I use Amazon SES), but is just a decorative feature.
  5. Create Products/Services using enomssl trigger a JS error: jquerylq.js:11 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined 5.3.12 General Release (5.3.12-release.1) No custom admin theme (v4)
  6. agarzon

    Missing Domain Transfer Complete Email Template?

    I had the same issue. As Marco said, creating a template called "Domain Transfer Completed", is a fix. But this still being a bug in WHCMS since this should come by default in any installation.
  7. agarzon


    Same issue here.
  8. I found the error: submitting a ticket requires all fields (priority, departamentc, etc...) It was commented in my tempalte. I put it back and it works now.
  9. Fatal error: Call to undefined method WHMCS_Application::get_user_ip() in /var/www/html/domain.com/includes/classes/WHMCS/Validate.php on line 0 Trigger: User creating support ticket. Since: upgrade 5.3.8 Consecuences: users can open new support tickets.
  10. agarzon

    Submitting tickets error

    same issue here.
  11. agarzon

    after upgrade

    I have the same issue. Now my clients can't create support tickets.
  12. My bad, I didn't search before. Thanks.
  13. Firefox Firebug: SyntaxError: missing name after . operator [url]http://xxx.com/includes/jscript/pwstrength.js[/url] Line 55, col 60 Trigger: When add to cart.
  14. Template: Password Reset Validation Version: 5.3.6 HTML Code: <a href="{$pw_reset_url}" target="_blank">{$pw_reset_url}</a> Results: http://www.xxx.comclientarea.php/?action=changepw

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