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Payment Gateway only for certain customer

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On 21/06/2018 at 18:20, MichaelFu said:

is there a way to enable a Payment gateway only for certain customer?

from the settings, No...

On 21/06/2018 at 18:20, MichaelFu said:

for example:

all Customers >> Wire Transfer and PayPal
Customer John Doo >> Wire Transfer and PayPal and AsiaPay

i'd be tempted to do the logic the other way because I think AsiaPay needs to have the 'show on orderform' option ticked for it to be a gateway option at viewinvoice... so it's easier to remove a gateway than add one.


all Customers >> Wire Transfer and PayPal not AsiaPay
Customer John Doo >> Wire Transfer and PayPal and AsiaPay

which as a hook would be...


# ViewInvoice Gateway Hook
# Written by brian!

function hook_view_invoice_gateway($vars) {
	if ($vars['status'] == 'Unpaid' && $vars['userid'] != '28') {
		$gatewaydropdown = $vars['gatewaydropdown'];
		$asiapay = '<option value="asiapay">AsiaPay</option>';
		$gd2 = str_replace($asiapay, '', $gatewaydropdown);
		return array("gatewaydropdown" => $gd2);
add_hook('ClientAreaPageViewInvoice', 1, 'hook_view_invoice_gateway');

you will need to get the client ID value for John Doo (I know you could search for name, but you may have many John Doo - but their client IDs will be unique to each John Doo), which will be the #value on his clientsummary profile in the admin area... and then change the value of '28' in the above hook to whatever it is for John Doo - then John Doo will see all available gateways, everyone else will see all available gateways - except AsiaPay.


for a one-off client, the above should be acceptable... if it turns out to need to apply to multiple clients, I would suggest putting their IDs in an array and using in_array, or assigning those users to a client group and then checking if they are a member of that group when deciding which gateways to show.

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