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  1. Hello people, hope someone can help me understand WHMCS here. I don't even know if this is the correct section for this topic, I'm new here. I have a customer that had 2 different invoices with due date in Jan 9th. After some crazy negotiation, I manually changed it's due date to 29th, then postponed again after that, that time to February 20th, and changed all his services due day to 20th. That way, I thought that all the invoices (old and new) would have due date do Feb 20th, where I had put an ultimatum to the customer. My problems started when at Feb 10th (10 days before due date), the new invoice was generated correctly.... but for some reason it cancelled the other 2 pending invoices that I was postponing, and even their services. Had to put it all up again manually in statuses. Has this happened to anyone? Did I do something wrong? Here go some considerations: - That checkbox that allows new invoices to be generated when old ones exists is CHECKED - In the meantime before february started, the invoice adjustments somehow caused invoices to be cancelled, order itens leaving orders, and even invoices getting unlinked from orders. It was crazy, had to manually link them again in DB. I'm not stupid, I'm very aware that probably I did that to my own WHMCS by editing DB fields "thinking" I knew what I was doing the correct fields to be linked. So, more than answering above... can anyone tell me what is the best way to fully understand the relation between invoices / items / orders in WHMCS? Because I beliefe all that started when I tried to adjust some configurable options and due dates inside orders. Thank you!
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    Hello everyone, my name is Anderson, I'm a hosting business owner from Brazil called CUBIX, and I'm glad I found this community. As WHMCS is a complex and powerful tool, it also can be very difficult to master, so this community is surely very needed. Thank you all! Anderson CUBIX https://www.cubix.host

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